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Sell my house fast in County Durham

Are you looking for a solution on how to sell my house fast in County Durham? It may be that you are looking for a quick sale of your property.  You need certainty that your property will sell within a given timeframe.  You also need a fair price.  Only a […]

Property Saviour in Selling a probate house , Wills and probate Sep 16, 2017

Buy my probate house quick with cash

Are you wondering who will buy my probate house quick with cash?  Property Saviour specialise in buying all types of inherited properties.  We buy houses, flats, bungalows, plots of land, properties with short leases, squatter occupied properties and even empty derelict properties too! Often an estate agent will promise that […]

Property Saviour in How Guaranteed Rent Works Aug 27, 2017

Guaranteed Rent in Birmingham

Our guaranteed rent scheme in Birmingham takes away the worry of rents not being paid, complex court battles, stress of dealing with housing benefit office, property being trashed, and expensive refurbishment costs only to start the cycle again. We are urgently in need of 1 to 12 bedrooms properties in […]

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Property Saviour V Property Auctioneers in Bradford?

Would you rather sell your property NOW to a real cash buyer or wait 2-3 months with a Property Auctioneer in Bradford to see IF it sells? To sell your property with a property auctioneer in Bradford, here is what you have to do: Put in a really low guide […]

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Property Saviour in Selling a probate house

How to sell probate property in Wakefield area

If you are looking to sell your probate property in Wakefield or surrounding areas then Property Saviour can help.  We are cash buyers for inherited properties and will buy a property in any condition.  Even if a property has been derelict, is unmortgageable due to its condition or requires substantial […]

Property Saviour in Selling a probate house Apr 17, 2017

Looking for Probate Valuation Guide & Advice

Comprehensive Guide on How To Get A House And Its Contents Valued For Probate Often Executors are not aware of how to value a house or property valuation for probate.  Obtaining a house content value while one is winding up an estate can be tricky.  We have produced a comprehensive […]

Property Saviour in How to sell a house fast? Jan 18, 2017

My neighbour has a non standard construction concrete built property.

My house was a concrete non-standard construction that was bricked up about 5 years ago.  I bought the house in 2002 and this was not an issue with my lender at the time.  I have since re-mortgaged the property with Nationwide.  I put my house up for sale in August […]

Property Saviour in How to sell a house fast? Nov 17, 2016

Avoid Top 10 Mistakes UK Property Sellers Make

Following 2008 recession as property prices started to recover, a number of other factors have introduced uncertainty in the property market.  These include: ·         Government has decided to end the Help to buy scheme for first time buyers ·         3% additional stamp duty has been introduced if you are buying […]

Property Saviour in Property Market News Aug 8, 2016

Landlord Tax: Clause 24 Judicial Review

So what is Clause 24? Currently landlords are able to offset their mortgage interest against their rental income before any tax is paid on their profits.  This is a perfectly normal business practice as general taxation principle is that tax is applied on profits. George Osborne proposed Clause 24 in […]

Property Saviour in Wills and probate Jul 10, 2016

Wills and Probate Jargon Explained

Wills and Probates Jargon Explained: Learn the complex legal terms when discussing Wills and Probate It is highly unlikely that you will know the terminology that is used to discuss Wills and Probates?  After all, why would you?  These complex legal terms are not used in our day-to-day language.   However, […]