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My neighbour has a non standard construction concrete built property.

My house was a concrete non-standard construction that was bricked up about 5 years ago.  I bought the house in 2002 and this was not an issue with my lender at the time.  I have since re-mortgaged the property with Nationwide.  I put my house up for sale in August […]

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Avoid Top 10 Mistakes UK Property Sellers Make

Following 2008 recession as property prices started to recover, a number of other factors have introduced uncertainty in the property market.  These include: ·         Government has decided to end the Help to buy scheme for first time buyers ·         3% additional stamp duty has been introduced if you are buying […]

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Landlord Tax: Clause 24 Judicial Review

So what is Clause 24? Currently landlords are able to offset their mortgage interest against their rental income before any tax is paid on their profits.  This is a perfectly normal business practice as general taxation principle is that tax is applied on profits. George Osborne proposed Clause 24 in […]

Last Will and Testament document with quill pen and legal jargon handwriting
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Wills and Probate Jargon Explained

Wills and Probates Jargon Explained: Learn the complex legal terms when discussing Wills and Probate It is highly unlikely that you will know the terminology that is used to discuss Wills and Probates?  After all, why would you?  These complex legal terms are not used in our day-to-day language.   However, […]

Impact of BREXIT on house prices
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How BREXIT will affect House Prices?

Credit Photography: House price growth begins to cool as economists look for signs of Brexit effect House prices have started to cool down post EU referendum, as British national has voted for BREXIT. There is uncertainty in the housing market as buyers have lost confidence leaving many sellers stuck […]

Brexit How leaving the EU will impact UK’s property market?
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Brexit: How leaving the EU will impact UK’s property market

Credit Photography: Britain has voted to leave the European Union, and with this decision the effects on economy are being felt.  The Pound has plummeted to 31-year low.  Uncertainty leading up to EU referendum has caused house prices to slow down, as we predicted.  With falling property prices and […]

How to sell your property online
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How to sell your property online

There are a number of reasons why you may be looking to sell your property online.  You may have enough of the traditional High Street estate agents, and their expensive fees.  Or possibly you have read about significant benefits of selling your property online such as: Localised knowledge.  You know […]

Sell an inherited property at a loss
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Sell an inherited property at a loss

Selling an inherited property at a loss is possibly the last thing you should be considering.  Often an inherited property will have little mortgage so there is equity within the property.  Therefore,  the only reason you would sell an inherited property at loss is if you have unpaid care fees […]

Guide to a Court Order to Sell a House
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Guide to a Court Order to Sell a House

Facing a court order to sell your house, or whether you are the one filing for a court order.  It will be a very stressful time.  A home that once was fully of cherished memories can quickly turn into a nightmare because of change of your circumstances.  So what can […]

Sell Your Investment Property Portfolio
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Sell Your Investment Property Portfolio

It is possible that you bought your buy to let properties during the buy-to-let boom years, and now you are looking to sell your investment property portfolio.  The reasons for selling your investment property portfolio could be: Looking to exit the property market because you are a retiring landlord You […]