Can you sell a house with a boundary disputes?

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November 19, 2017 - Read time: 3 minutes

Can you sell a house with a boundary disputes? 1
How to sell a house with boundary dispute
Boundary disputes can really test your patience.

Can you sell a house with boundary disputes?  The simple answer is that any buyer who requires a mortgage will not be able to buy your property with a dispute.  The good news is that Property Saviour will buy your house with boundary disputes.

You may have a to sell with boundary disputes with your neighbour.  These challenges can include:

  • Neighbour’s fence or wall that’s erected on your land;
  • Unable to sell your property because of ongoing or historic boundary dispute;
  • Historic boundary disputes dating back as far as 12 years or longer;
  • Boundary disputes can prevent buyers relying on mortgages from buying your property.
Abandoned old vehicles can lead to neighbourly disputes
Is your neighbour a scrap car collector?

What are top 5 disputes when selling a property with boundary disputes?

If you are looking to sell a house with boundary disputes then your buyer is effectively stepping into your shoes.  Therefore, any dispute with your neighbour will land firmly in their lap.  Disputes with neighbours can be bitter experience for both parties. Long drawn wars of egos can last for years.

Disputes with neighbours can lead to mental health issues, unnecessary stress and destroy the quality of your life.  Neighbourly disputes have to be declared when selling a property thus a house with history of any dispute makes your house unsaleable.  Disputes with neighbours are a civil matter and litigation can costs tens of thousands of pounds.

Sell property with boundary dispute
Noisy unloved pets can be a real nuisance!

So what are most common neighbourly disputes?

  1. Noise – Whether it is late night partying, DIY at odd hours or shouting between family members, noise is the main reason why many neighbours fall out with each other.
  2. Pets – Pets can be really tricky to deal with because it’s the animal that is causing the problem and not the owner. In majority of cases, the issue stems from owner’s lack of responsibility to train his animal or take care of him.  For example, a dog that’s constantly barking because either he’s hungry or not been taken for a walk.
  3. Children’s anti-social behaviour – Children may be loud and playing outside and this can be particularly disruptive if you worked during the night and are catching much needed sleep during the day.
  4. Property boundary disputes – A disagreement over a fence, right of way or the drive for parking can be a real issue affecting both parties as people get very emotionally attached to their way of life. Just because your neighbour may have parked their car on your parking space does not give them automatic right to do so.  Boundary disputes can costs tens of thousands of pounds and cause sleepless nights.
  5. Visual nuisance – Many eyesores such as:
  • a derelict property
  • overgrown garden
  • shrubs that have grown into your garden
  • Japanese Knotweed that originates from a neighbouring property
  • rubbish stored at the front of property due a refurbishment
  • or old white goods left at the property

These are good examples of visual nuisance.  If you have shrubs that have grown into your garden or tree branches that are depriving your property of sunlight.  In this case, you have a right to cut the branches and throw them into your neighbour’s garden.  But we would you advise you to exercise patience.

When a buyer finds out that a property has a boundary dispute, they do their research on Garden Law website where people complain of living in hell for years on end.  Here is a typical exchange of a boundary dispute on Garden Law website:

Question from a typical first-time buyer

“Hi – We are currently trying to buy a house that has a boundary dispute.  The neighbour has said the fence is about 20cm on his land.  Our solicitor brought this to our attention and has gotten the vendors side of events. He has however had to inform the mortgage company and reckons it could affect our chances of buying the house.  The survey came back all fine. We tried knocking on the door to the neighbour as we are happy to re-erect the fence further over but can’t seem to catch them in.
I wanted to know if anyone had experience of this.  I have googled but can only find info regarding selling.
Will this really mean we can’t have the house?  And yes we have thought a lot about whether we want to live next door to them, one of reasons we are trying to speak to them is to try and gauge how awful they could be!!”


Run several miles. My parents lived for years next door to some thoroughly unpleasant people who brought one ridiculous claim after another, it cost my parents thousands and they couldn’t move because no-one would buy their house due to ongoing disputes. Eventually they sold up and left; the people who bought it soon got embroiled in similar and ended up moving out leaving the house empty for six years until they sold it at a loss. I’ve since dealt with similar issues at work and have formed the view that no house is worth it.

How to sell a house with boundary disputes? 

Selling a property with boundary disputes can be really tricky because no lender will lend against a property that has historic or ongoing boundary dispute with the neighbours.

You can sell your property with boundary dispute to Property Saviour as genuine cash house buyers.  We will need to get a bit more information about your property, the nature of dispute, and view the property.  We will make you a 100% cash offer for your property and agree a completion date that suits you. Start selling your property with a boundary dispute today by calling Property Saviour on our 24 hour helpline on 0113 320 6700.  Sell your property fast today by making an enquiry today.

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