3 Top Tips On How To Sell My House Fast For Cash Today’

Cash for your houseWe let you into the trade secrets of how can you sell your house fast…  

There is always a compelling reason why a seller is seeking the answer to how to sell my house fast.  Let us start by reviewing a couple of key facts.

Rightmove is the leading portal when it comes to selling a property.  They publish a monthly report also known as the Rightmove House Price Index.  The average time to sell is 65 days.  That is over 2 months to agree a sale!  Remember, this sale still has no guarantee of actually completing and delays are common.

How can you be sure that an estate agent is doing all they can to sell your property when they have an average of 65 properties for sale at any one time?

3 Top Tips on how to sell your house fast

Property Saviour have one goal.  To help you to sell your house fast!

We reveal our 3 top tips on how to sell your house fast…

Tip 1: Sell your house fast to a genuine cash house buyer

You need to find a genuine cash buyer who will able to buy your house fast.  Qualities of a true cash buyer are:

  • Make you an offer within 24 hours of your enquiry
  • Provide you with their solicitors details immediately
  • Give you a date for an immediate exchange of contract
  • Agree a completion date with you.

You need to be careful as there are many firms that insist on charging fees upfront.  They will offer you a higher price around 90% of the market value.  This is a common tactic to hook you in and get you to to say yes.  Then, on the day of completion they will drop their price by as much as 53%!  We will always honour the price agreed.  Our reputation matters. is an ethical cash house buying firm.  We are able to help you sell your house fast.  We have access to cash funds.  We can exchange contracts within a week.  We will agree a completion date that fits inline with your plans.  Get a fair cash offer now.  We make the whole process of selling your house fast effortless.

Tip 2: Be absolutely sure that selling your house fast is right for you

We help you determine if selling your house fast is the right option for you or not.  What is most important to you?

  1. A certain and fast quick house sale? Or
  2. Getting the maximum price for your property?

If it is a certain and quick house sale that you are looking for then you will need a cash house buyer like  You can get a 100% cash offer within 24 hours by clicking here.

It is possible that you are looking to sell your house fast because you are looking to buy a bigger property.  We would suggest that in this scenario, you are probably not in a rush to sell.  Our recommendation is that you appoint a good local estate agent to help you.

Have you already been let down by an estate agent or a cash house buyer?

Are you looking for a genuine cash buyer?  Would you seriously consider a cash offer for your property?  Click here to sell your house within days.  Remember that a true cash buyer will be buying your property at a discount otherwise, it will not be viable business proposition.

We will make you a genuine cash offer.  Our solicitors will exchange contracts fast.  We will then agree a completion date that fits in with your circumstances.

Tip 3: An incredible way to sell your chain-free house

It is possibility that you need the best price for your property and you are not in a rush to sell.  Maybe you have already bought another property?  You could be paying two mortgages.  Or you do not want to become an accidental landlord.  We may be able to help you.  Discover how a lease option agreement can help you.  It works well in a negative equity situation.

How to sell your house fast in days rather than months!

The process of how to sell your house fast within days is really simple:

  • We will then call you to confirm:
    • The overall condition of property & number of bedrooms
    • The timeframe within which you would like to sell your house fast
    • An initial offer based on our valuation of your property

If you accept we will:

    • Agree a date for the exchange of contracts
    • Provide you with our solicitors’ details
    • Pay for a RICS valuation at our own cost
    • Pay an extra £500 contribution towards your legal fees on completion

There’s absolutely no obligation to accept our cash offer.  You can decide if you are prepared to sell your house fast for cash or you are better off selling via an estate agent.  We can even give you some further tips on how to sell your house fast within 60 days on the open market.

We will complete the purchase of your property within 7-10 days and within up to 4 weeks.  This really depends on your needs.  We will buy your house as fast or as slowly as you need us to.

You too can sell your house fast in days.

We will buy any house.  We will buy bungalows, apartments and houses.  We will also buy commercial properties.  Land with or without planning permission is bought fast.

When we say we will buy any house in any condition, we really mean it….

We will buy any unmortgageable house or empty or derelict buildings.  Properties with structural issues are also welcome.  We will buy any house for cash.

We do not require a mortgage to buy your property.  We are 100% genuine cash buyers.

With us, you will sell your property with discretion.  We will always treat you with the utmost respect and preserve your dignity at all times.

We aim to exchange contracts within 5 days!  Get your cash offer now.

Why should I consider selling my house to Property Saviour?

We are ethical house buyers.  We are honest and reliable.  We will do my best to deliver you first class service.  We have personally trained each of my staff to turn a stressful situation of selling your house into a blissful experience.

Let us tell you what is important to us…

Putting your interests first!  We really care.  We’ll tell you if you are better off selling your house via an estate agent.

We have over 25 years experience of buying and selling properties.  We believe in honesty, integrity and trust.  We are 100% ethical.  That’s why we will always offer you free advice on how to sell your house fast.

We believe that the sell my house fast option works for a minority of people who need to sell their property fast within a certain time frame. It is not for all.

We’ll buy any residential or commercial properties.  From one bed flats with very short leases to bungalows with structural issues.  Houses with an established previous history of flooding or Japanese Knotweed in the back garden!

Our team will buy any property: residential, commercial or land.

We have helped many executors with probate being granted, settling their probate estate, and paying their inheritance tax on time.

We will be overseeing each and every purchase.  Whether you are selling your unmortgageable house or you need to sell an inherited house, we are here to help YOU.

Properties in a probate situation must be sold. Is your property is in a poor state of repair?  Selling probate property can be tricky.  We are specialist in a probate sale.  We aim to refurbish and put a probate house back into ue.  We will buy your probate house!

Take your first step towards selling your house the quick and hassle free way– using our enquiry form.