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We offer a hassle free experience when it comes to selling your property. We know from experience that selling a property quickly can be a very stressful experience for anyone. That is why we offer a real alternative. Let's make the process easier by working together.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Property Saviour's Sell House Fast Service

Property Saviour is dedicated to providing the best quick house sale service to the people who need it most.

Is our sell house fast service right for you?

We believe that every seller has a right to sell house fast. Key requirements of sellers who need to sell house fast are speed and certainty.

There may be several reasons why a seller needs a quick house sale. A seller must be in total control of determining how quickly he/she wishes to sell a property. The seller needs 100% assurance that sale will go ahead – and this is only possible with a quick exchange of contracts.

Only a true cash buyer is able to buy a property within a few days. Not being reliant on mortgages makes buying a property a very fast experience. That is why we are able to complete our purchases in 19 days on average. This includes weekends too. The fastest we have bought a property is in just 5 days. We can pay your fees – including legal fees too. You can use your own solicitors.

Who would benefit from selling their house fast?

These are the most common scenarios where our sell house fast service can be an ideal solution to achieving a quick sale:

> Selling an inherited property – it is no wonder that longer a probate takes, the higher solicitors fees are likely to be.  It can be as much as 25% of entire value of the estate.  Therefore, selling to a cash house buyer can bring the sale to a quick conclusion.

> Relocating due to job or change in your circumstances means a quick sale is needed.

> Condition of the property may make it un-mortgageable or inhabitable.  This includes subsidence, structural issues, fire damaged property, flooded property, regulated sitting tenants or your property being squatted in.

> Are you in a chain and the sale of your property has collapsed?  We might be able to buy your property and negotiate discounts across the chain to rescue the sale!

> Poor health forcing a sale or you could be selling to move into a care home.

> Or any other situation where certainty of sale and speed are of paramount important.

Nobody likes uncertainty when you are thinking of how to sell your house quickly.  That’s why we have put together this brief guide on how to sell house fast.


Can I sell my house fast myself?

The answer is well it depends.  It depends on your luck as to whether you will be able to sell house fast.  There are a number of sell your home yourself websites.  These include websites such as Gumtree and Shpock which allow you to sell your house for free, meaning you can advertise your property on the internet. Be aware you will need high quality photographs by a professional photographer, along with a detailed floor plan and description of each room. This isn’t a fast procedure, and won’t result in you being able to sell a house fast.

House hunters are looking at websites like Rightmove and Zoopla. This means you could be waiting months or even years for your house to sell online. This isn’t the best way to sell a house

You could consider advertise your home in your local paper.  You’ll have to pay for an ad, and this isn’t a fast selling technique with no certainty.

When you put your house on the market to sell, you’ll need to get an Energy Performance Certificate before you put your property on the market.  It is worth getting this done before you start advertising your home for selling. You will need to get a registered energy assessor to compile this for you.  Cost of an EPC varies from £50 to upwards of £200.

So when you ask can I sell my house as it is the answer is yes you can – to a cash house buyer like us.


Realistically with the housing marketing in status of influx, you are unlikely to sell your house fast with so much competition on the market on your own.  If you need expert advice on ‘how to sell house fast’ then please give us a call on 0113 320 6700.


Can an estate agent help you sell your house quickly?

If you are not in a rush to sell then a quick house sale option might not be for you.  You’d be better off selling your property via an estate agent.

With estate agents you have a choice of High Street or online estate agents.  Each type of estate agent has their own pros and cons.  For instance, a High Street estate agent will work certain hours and do not have ability to answer calls around the clock which some online estate agents offer.  But with online estate agents, you may have to do conduct viewings yourself.  A few online estate agents also charge upfront fees – non-refundable of course, with no guarantee of a sale.  High Street agents can charge as much as 3% plus VAT for selling your property but only get paid when the property is sold.

Estate agent can advise sellers to think about how to stage a house to sell because they believe it sell their house fast.  This is not always the case, and you could spend thousands on interior design with no guarantee of a fast house sale.

It is a known fact according to that owner occupiers will pay most for your property.

If your property was advertised at a reasonable price but needs improvements then the buyer can reduce their offer further at last minute or worst the lender may withdraw the offer of a mortgage.  This is after 3-6 months of agreeing a sale.  Sadly we see this on a regular basis.  Only a true cash buyer can buy a property quickly and with cash.

The house has to be in a very good condition to have any chance of attracting the owner occupiers as your buyers.   If you put your house on the market and want to sell quickly, you’ll need to make sure it’s sparkling clean at all times, you’ll have to be available for viewings, and you’ll have to spend money on those hidden wears and tears around the house.

If you want to sell a house fast with an estate agent, it can take between 3 months to 6 months – depending on several factors including whether the buyer has got a mortgage offer in principles, how pro-active are the solicitors acting for both sides, bank’s appetite to lend in a changing market and whether your buyer has fallen in love with another property?

2018 Rightmove index shows it can take an average of 2-3 months for a house to sell, which won’t give you the fast house sale you need.

Prior to BREXIT vote, many estate agents were able to call upon buy-to-let investors to buy properties.  This landscape has now changed as buy-to-let property investors are running for the hills.  Many investors are selling because of recent tax changes.  These tax changes include not being able to write off mortgage interest as a tax deductible expense and additional stamp duty tax.  There is still a lot of uncertainty around BREXIT.  Many economists believe that BREXIT will last for another 3 years.

You will agree that this isn’t the right way to sell fast.

If property needs improvements such as a new kitchen, new bathroom or a new central heating system, it will put off many buyers.  It is the sort of property that we would love to buy.

Do you really want to spend weeks or even months making for your property fit to sell? And then when you eventually do get it on the market, do you want to wait months to get an offer?

Can an estate agent really help you sell your house quickly when all they do is advertise your property online, and wait for the phone to ring?

In summary, selling with an estate agent does not guarantee you a fast sale


Can you sell house fast via a property auction?

There are many pitfalls that an auctioneer won’t tell you about to sign you up.  Property auction can be a viable alternative if you go into with your eyes wide open.  The pitfalls include:

> Pay the auctioneer an ‘entry fee’ of upwards of £500 without knowing if your property will sell.

> Pay for a legal pack and searches upfront with no guarantee of a sale costing you thousands.

> Paying for mortgage, council tax, utilities standing charges and insurance whilst property sits on the market for months!

> Put property for sale with a really low guide price.  Be prepared to give it away at no more than 10% of guide price.

> Wait 2-3 months for the upcoming auction and then ‘hope’ that the buyer complete. Quite a few buyers bid in the heat of the moment and do not complete the purchase.   If a buyer does not complete and you sell property for less, you can sue them for difference – provided that you have time, energy and money to do so – and the buyer has the financial means.  But do you really want to be taking this approach when looking to achieve a quick sale?

> You as a seller are tied into a contract with the auction house for a further 2 months after the auction – even if property does not sell!  Under this clause, an auctioneer can demand that you pay his commission even if you sold the property privately. We can help in this situation.

> A poor auctioneer can be very costly.  You can end up selling your property at a rock bottom price.

> How would you feel if auctioneer gets paid their extortionate commission (typically 3% plus VAT) before you do?  This happens as a standard practice for ‘agreeing the sale’.  The auctioneer takes their fee/commission directly from buyers deposit BEFORE you are paid.  This is an unfair practice, given you have not sold the property yet.

> Pay the auctioneer their commission for ‘agreeing the sale’.

> If property does not sell – it now has stigma of “did not sell at auction” and therefore, makes it impossible to sell via an estate agent afterwards.

These points prove that selling at auction is not fast or cheap.

When it comes to auctions, there really is no free lunch!

Do not fall for an offer of ‘no auction fees’ or so called ‘Modern Method of Auctions’ because the buyer will pay a hefty premium of up to £5,000 plus VAT  – and therefore, they will deduct that from their bid price meaning you have just lost even more money.  Many traditional auctions charge upwards of £1,500 to the buyer as well as charging the seller a handsome fee!  This means your auction bid will be substantially less.


I want to sell my house – how does sell house fast service work?

Sellers we deal with are keen to achieve certainty and speed when rather than the uncertainty of how long a sale may take. The process of selling a house fast is simple:

  • Call us on 0113 320 6700 or fill in an enquiry form!
  • We will call you to find out more information about the property
  • We will then make an offer on the property. We will tell you if you are better off with an estate
  • agent or whether you are better off selling to a cash buyer like Property Saviour
  • We will pay for a survey at our own cost and then proceed with legals
  • You tell us how quickly you’d like to exchange contracts – we can happily provide proof of funds
  • We will exchange contracts in days, as there are no banks involved
  • We will complete – as per your instruction, often in 10 days or quicker.

If you want to sell your property and it is not in a great condition, then you probably won’t want to advertise it via an estate agent.  Therefore, a discrete sale via Property Saviour can be a viable option.  It is worth looking into how to sell a house fast. If you have inherited property you’d like the money for right now, then you’d benefit from selling quickly.  If you sell with us, the cash will be yours within 10 days. If property requires extensive renovation or the property is not mortgageable then selling your house fast may be the way forward.

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