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May 27, 2015 - Read time: 3 minutes

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Sell commercial property fast

How to sell your commercial property fast

If you want to know how to sell your commercial property fast in today’s notoriously competitive property market, take a look at this useful guide to help guarantee a quick sale and a great offer.

How difficult is it to sell a commercial property?

When you look to sell a commercial property, it’s important to remember that the commercial market varies greatly to the residential market, as the needs of commercial property buyers differ greatly from those of home buyers. There are different legalities, demands and market forces between the two markets, so the need for a commercial property, especially retail or industrial units, could be completely dissimilar to residential.

There are a lot of opportunities if you’re looking to sell your house quick, however not so many for commercial properties. The demand for a commercial property is based on a range of factors; the main issue being how the struggles of UK economy.

If you have a commercial property to sell, there are several factors you should understand completely.

You will need to have an understanding of the legal requirements concerning commercial property sales, prices of local commercial properties and recognising the best time to sell. It’s also important to know in advance the costs involved to you as a seller, so there are no nasty surprises and so you can get the best returns on your sale.


What to consider before selling your property?

You may wish to sell your commercial property quickly for a number of reasons, all are completely understandable. This may be due to financial problems, retirement, negative equity or unaffordable commercial business rates.

Selling your commercial property is no longer an easy task. Commercial property auctions are just one way you could consider selling your property quickly however, this method does come with similar restrictions to residential auctions.

If you want to receive a guaranteed quick sale, we at Property Saviour are buyers who can help. We can buy your property, whether commercial or residential, for a cash offer within 10 days. We offer a 24 hours service and will pay £1,000 towards your legal fees. You also need to consider some important factors before committing to any sale or accepting an offer.

Firstly, the selling costs involved. Whether you are selling a retail business, office, factories, a warehouse, or any industrial property or industrial units, there are a number of costs and fees you will need to take into consideration.

These include:

  • Solicitor fees – solicitors usually carry out conveyancing for a fixed fee and you may be able to negotiate to a lower fee. You should contact us for more advice. The fees you pay will also depend on how smoothly the sale goes for you as a seller and also the buyer. The process is lengthy, and can take weeks to resolve.
  • Estate agent fees – estate agents are in competition with each other and so it is worth shopping around for a good rate. Most agents typically charge between 1% and 3% of the property value, but again you may be able to negotiate. This can often cost you a lot of cash, so be wary.
  • Mortgage redemption fees – if you have a mortgage on your commercial property and you pay this off early, you may be liable to pay redemption fees. Get into touch with your lender so that you are aware of these costs.
  • Capital gains tax – you should speak to your financial advisor if you are selling an investment property as you might be liable to pay capital gains tax.
  • Removal costs – if you have equipment, furniture or other assets in your commercial property and these are not. You may have to pay the cost of storage units, too.


How your commercial property is valued?

The way in which commercial property or buildings are valued for business is very different from the way a residential house or family home is valued. Many commercial properties are valued based on how strong covenants are in place in relation to the lease of the property for example, how long the tenants have been trading from your commercial property, and the condition of the buildings.

If you are looking to sell your commercial property or buildings fast then you will need a specialised property buyer such as Property Saviour.  Not only do we offer expertise on commercial property sales, we also offer advice to homeowners to ensure they sell house fast. We’re honest people, and a genuine business, who’ve been in the property buying industry for over a decade. We can also provide you with reviews from business owners we have bought commercial properties from so we can be sure we’re a legitimate company. We can complete within your timescales so if you are looking to sell commercial property fast then get in touch with us.

Even you have an inherited commercial business property or offices to sell, we will purchase it.  We purchase commercial property without copies of signed leases too – and we are probably the only company to do that. We will pay you a fair cash offer in return for a guaranteed quick sale for your commercial property. Our average time to complete is 19 days, which is when you can expect us to release the funds and the money in your account.

So, why waste weeks or even months waiting for buyers, when you already have the fairest price at your fingertips? We can give you daily or weekly update on progress of your sale, you can have our email address and contact us at any time of day.  We are not estate agents, we are real buyers, there are zero commissions to be deducted and zero fees to be paid.

Our people our based in the Yorkshire and Surrey, however regardless of your postcode or address, our team can contact you in minutes by email. So, if you want to know more about our property buying service and the cash offer you could receive, get in touch on 0113 320 6700, email us, or make an enquiry now by completing our online form to get started. The process is simple! Check out our reviews from sellers who’ve sold to us here.

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