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March 30, 2016 - Read time: 3 minutes

Sell Your Buy To Let Investment Property Portfolio 1

Are you looking to sell your buy to let investment property portolio following Section 24 tax changes?

It is possible that you bought your buy to let properties during the buy-to-let boom years, and now you are looking to sell your buy to let investment property portfolio.  The reasons for selling your buy to let investment property portfolio could be:

  • Selling your buy to let property investment property portfolio following Section 24 or Landlord Tax changes
  • Selling because of direct payment to tenants for housing benefits or new Universal Credits
  • Looking to exit the property market entirely because you are a retiring landlord
  • You may wish to invest in another business
  • Or you have tired properties with sitting tenants with arrears?

It is not a problem for us to buy your buy to let investment properties fast for cash in one complete transaction.

When you are considering whether to sell your investment property portfolio, there are a number of questions.  For instance:

  • Do you wish to sell all of your investment properties?
  • What options are available that will minimise your tax liability by maximising your Capital Gains Tax (CGT) allowance, and possibly selling the portfolio over a number of years?
  • How much Capital Gains Tax bill you should expect?
  • How quickly do you wish to sell your investment property portfolio?
  • Whether you hold buy-to-let properties in an Limited Company?
  • Are there any potential restrictions placed by a mortgage lender that will mean any potential profit will go towards clearing the overall portfolio, meaning nothing goes in your pocket to start with?

What you need is an expert firm with calibre of dealing with selling your buy to let investment property portfolio.  We have helped dozens of landlords ranging from 2-3 properties to landlords with 100+ properties.  Property Saviour are genuine cash house buyers, and we are happy to provide proof of funds.  This is an important decision for you to sell your buy to let investment properties, and you really should be talking to an expert to see how we can buy your properties whilst minimise your tax liabilities.

Property Saviour will help you make an informed decision.  We will explore your options with you.  We will tell you how much you can get on open market for your properties vs. a cash sale of your investment portfolio.

Are you selling properties with sitting tenants?

If you are selling a buy to let investment property portfolio, chances are that first time buyers, investors or developers would want vacant possession.  This makes selling a buy to let investment property portfolio tricky because investors will want to ‘put their stamp on it’ and increase the rents afterwards or sell the property to first time buyers with vacant possession.  Property Saviour will buy your investment portfolio with sitting tenants, safe in the knowledge that you can sell your entire buy-to-let portfolio on ‘as it is’ basis, as long you have a full record of tenancy agreements and legal obligations.  We may be able to help you if you have over-looked things like gas safety certificates because the letting agents have not been pro-active managing your portfolio.

Here is one landlady who sold her buy to let investment property to us:

What are your options when you want to sell your buy to let property portfolio?

When you need to sell a single property it is fairly straight forward.  You can:

  • Sell your property on the open market via an estate agent
  • Find a private buyer yourself
  • Sell the house to another landlord
  • Sell to a developer, a cash investor or even your tenant who wishes to buy the property!

If you have a property portfolio for sale, it needs a specialist buyer such as Property Saviour.  We can buy your investment portfolio for cash within days.

Can you sell your buy to let property portfolio to other Landlords

Knowing your market helps a lot.  Landlords who are in a position to expand their portfolios are your ideal buyers.  This is provided that these landlords will deliver on their promise of buying your portfolio within a reasonable timeframe.  Purchasing an existing portfolio now requires an institutional investor such as pension funds.  Private landlords will not be able to offset their mortgage as a tax deductible expense from April 2017.

If we consider tax deductible expense impact as follows:

  • With a mortgage of £400pcm and rental income of £600pcm, a landlord will have paid tax on £200pcm.
  • Now a landlord has to pay tax on full £600pcm. This could be as much as 40% if they are high tax payers.

Banks are also restricting their exposure to portfolio landlords, and therefore you need to qualify your potential landlord buyer, as to whether they are ready, willing and able to buy your investment portfolio.

If you are selling to another landlord, you will need to conduct multiple viewings, depending on number of landlords who have expressed an interest.  You will need to get tenants on your side, and set their expectations that you are looking to sell your portfolio.  Tenants could make it difficult for you to sell your investment portfolio to gain access and conduct viewings.

Could you sell investment portfolio to Housing Associations or Local Authorities

When it comes to affordable social housing the property stock is very low compared to the demand.  This means that in certain areas some Housing Associations or Local Authorities are in a desperate need of residential properties.  You may wish to sell to a Housing Association or Local Authority – with or without sitting tenants in place.

Housing Associations and Local Authorities have lengthy waiting lists so therefore, they will be able to fill the property quickly.  One thing is for sure, Housing Associations and Local Authorities have limited budgets.  Therefore, they will only buy properties that are very low priced.  Whilst it may be tempting to sell to them, you could end up losing a substantial equity on your property portfolio.  Property Saviour will make you a fair offer on your portfolio – and much better than what a Housing Association or Council would pay.

Sell your buy to let property portfolio to Property Saviour

You could sell your buy to let investment property portfolio to Property Saviour.  We will pay cash for your properties, and will complete the purchase quickly – often within days rather than months, as we will not require a mortgage to buy your entire portfolio.  We will also buy any residential buy to let property – even those that are in not so great areas.

Selling your property portfolio to a single buyer can offer you a peaceful solution with many benefits:

  • Once sale has agreed, the completion can take place very quickly – within days.
  • No banks are involved; we will buy with our own cash.
  • There are no delays with mortgage offers or last minute let-down by the buyer.
  • There is no need to disturb tenants, surveys, landlords having a good poke around. Just one viewing.
  • Vacant possession is not important, as we are happy to buy properties with sitting tenants.

In short when you sell to Property Saviour you get a genuine cash buyer for your property portfolio.  You benefit from a cash purchase with minimal hassle, no delays; essentially you get a speedy sale.  Property Saviour have helped many landlords sell their investment portfolios for a fair price and quickly.


There are a number of options available to you when it comes to selling your buy to let investment property portfolio.  You need to make sure that you get a fair price without the headaches involved in selling a portfolio.  You may need to establish good terms with you tenants.  However, we can also buy properties with difficult tenants.

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