How to sell a house with no kitchen or bathroom?

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November 22, 2017 - Read time: 3 minutes

How to sell a house with no kitchen or bathroom? 1

How to sell a house with no kitchen or bathroom?  This is a commonly asked question online.

Selling a house with no kitchen or bathroom can be an almost impossible task because lenders do not lend against properties that are defined inhabitable due to not having bathroom or cooking facility – even lack of utilities or no central heating due to a missing boiler can make a property total unmortgageable.   You may have tried unsuccessfully to sell a house with no kitchen or bathroom via an estate agent – who no doubt promised you a quick sale but never delivered on that promise, and effectively has cost you money in the delay resulting in additional bills for council tax, mortgage, insurance and utilities.

The good news is that Property Saviour will agree to buy your house with no kitchen or bathroom facilities – this is because we specialise in buying properties that are unmortgageable.  We are also genuine cash property buyers that means we do not need to go to a bank and ask for a mortgage to buy your property.  Effectively this gives you the ability to sell, and us the flexibility to buy your property fast for cash – with absolutely no delays.

Why not take your first step to selling your house with no kitchen or bathroom?  Fill in our enquiry form or call us now on 0113 320 6700.  We are here to take your call.

This video testimonial is an example of one of unmortgageable properties we have bought.  We have left the interview totally unedited so that you can see it for yourself, as our testimonials are genuine from real sellers, and no actors in sight:

Our aim is to ensure that you are happy with sale of your property, and we’d like a testimonial from you too if you are interested please do mention it once you have accepted our offer.

Selling a house with no kitchen or bathroom made easy?

You must be wondering how does it work?  There must be a catch like upfront fees!

We are currently actively buying properties with no kitchens or bathrooms that require refurbishment to add value.  As cash buyers, we do not really care about the internal condition of property but it is a consideration for purposes of valuation.  You do not need to worry about any fees upfront or otherwise because there are none.  We will make you a fair cash offer that works for us, and it works for you taking into consideration the condition of property.  We will of course come and view the property but this survey does not cost you a penny unlike many online cash house buyers.

We will buy any property in England, Scotland or Wales.  The only question that remains is how quickly can you get your solicitor to send us contract of sale once a price has been agreed?

Why not take your first step to selling your house with no kitchen or bathroom?  Fill in our enquiry form or call us now on 0113 320 6700.  We are here to take your call.

Oh, that reminds me that you can use your own solicitor but please ask them to hurry up the sale if you are looking for a quick sale as generally many High Street solicitors are slower than a turtle.  They aim for 3-4 months completion and are used to their lazy ways coming into office at 10am and leaving at 3pm Monday to Thursday and on Friday coming in at 11am and leaving at 2pm whilst piling on 33 completions for Friday which they know they can’t complete on because they are hardly ever in.

Another ability that your solicitor will need to have is to hide behind a keyboard, returning calls from our solicitors, and replying to emails.  Our solicitor can’t buy your property fast within your timescale on his own, we wish we could and so do our sellers, and in some cases, we have come very close to reporting solicitors to the Law Society for not acting in their clients’ interests!  We will pay £500 towards your legal fees too on top of the purchase price.

Why not take your first step to selling your house with no kitchen or bathroom?  Fill in our enquiry form or call us now on 0113 320 6700.  We are here to take your call.

Now back to the business of selling a house with no kitchen or bathroom…

You can sell your unmortgageable property quickly for no hassle and we promise to meet your timescale provided your solicitor can act fast.  We do not need any form of bank loan, a mortgage or a bridging finance and that’s why we don’t carry out numerous surveys, lots of viewings, get structural surveyors involved and or look for investors for your property.  All you have to do is make an enquiry via our website then let us call you back, we will do some research and make you an indicative cash offer, if you accept our offer, we will come out and view your property then issue you a formal offer that we can proceed with.  You are in a total control of the sale of your property with us.  You can use your own solicitor, that you know and trust, and get them to send sale contract to our solicitors.

Searching around for best deal – don’t sign up with anyone!

It does sounds contradictory doesn’t it? But I promise you it will make sense.

It does make sense to search around for the best deal however, just to forewarn you that many companies will make you sign a contract that allows them to place a restriction on your property with Land Registry and effectively blocking any future chances of a sale.  There are many companies that claim to be cash house buyers but effectively have no cash!  If you have seen our video earlier, you will know what we mean.

They will make you sign a contract, an option agreement that gives them exclusivity to market your property to their “investors database” effectively your property will be plastered around the internet for sale which is not ideal if you are looking to achieve a discrete sale.  Then you will have many viewings and “offers” and you thought you had accepted “their offer”.  To add insult to injury many of these so called investors will be applying for mortgages which will get refused because of new lending affordability criteria.

I don’t want the hassle!

With us, there are no dramas and no hassle.  We will make an offer and once accepted quickly exchange contracts with you.  This has several benefits to YOU:

  1. You will have our 10% deposit to do with as you wish if we don’t complete the sale within agreed timescale;
  2. You will have certainty that sale will go through. Statistically speaking around 99% of all properties with exchanged contracts actually complete;
  3. You have a fixed agreed price for your property which means there’s no room for haggling. It sounds silly but some companies will exchange and complete simultaneously on same day.  Surprisingly on the day of completion, they will drop the price by tens of thousands of pounds – as featured in this BBC article!  Because we are ethical buyers, we will give you our word that this wouldn’t happen by exchanging contracts fast, it demonstrates our firm commitment to YOU as a seller.

You too could sell a house with no kitchen or bathroom, just call us now on 0113 320 6700 or make an enquiry today, we are ready to buy your property today.

You too can sell your property to Property Saviour as one of very few genuine cash house buyers in UK.  We will need to get a bit more information about your property and make arrangements to view the property.  We will then make you a 100% cash offer for your property and agree with you a completion date that suits your timescale. Start selling your property today by calling Property Saviour on our 24 hour line 0113 320 6700.

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