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July 30, 2015 - Read time: 3 minutes

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Sell your London property fast for cash

Are you looking to sell your house fast in London?  Are you feeling let down and frustrated with the lack of potential buyers?

We believe we can help. We are genuinely interested and able to buy your property! So, if you are looking for a quick and stress-free sale we could be the solution. We will enable you to sell your house fast in London!

Property Saviour are genuine cash buyers. We have the means and the expertise to provide a fast & hassle-free sale for your property. We are local buyers and ready to buy your property in London right now.

Maybe your house needs renovation or extensive work… Don’t worry! We don’t need you to spend time and money to improve your house so that it sells. We will buy your house regardless of the condition it is in. You don’t need to decorate or ‘dress’ your house to be more attractive to buyers… We will buy your property now!

Even if your house needs extensive refurbishment, we don’t mind.

We will offer you a completely free house valuation. Get in touch with us today so we can arrange it with you at your convenience. There are no hidden fees & you will be under absolutely no obligation to sell your property.

We are actively looking for properties to buy in London, so please do get in touch today. We’re genuine cash buyers – which means we can be ready to Exchange Contracts within days.

We are not estate agents, we are looking to provide a solution that is good for you. We can be discreet about your house sale, so that even your neighbours don’t have to know! We want to work with you, to help you to sell your house whatever situation you are in.

How will you buy my property quickly in London?

How will you buy my property quickly in London?  This is a frequently asked question that has a simple answer.

We can buy your property with cash. There are none of the delays associated with getting a mortgage on a property, we will buy your property outright.

We are a professional business, so all of the elements are already organised and in place to buy your property. We take a straight-forward, decisive approach to purchasing your property. Once an offer is accepted, your property is likely to be sold within 28 days. The process to sell your house starts from the day you choose to accept our offer, and formally instruct your solicitors to act for you.

The process is very fast – with no delays. We’re one of just a few genuine cash buyers in the UK.

Does your house suffer with structural problems such as visible cracks? Maybe these are so extensive that your property is simply not an option for normal buyers. It’s a well known fact that banks will not lend on a property with structural problems or subsidence. These kinds of issues makes your house unmortgageable. This is not a problem for us! We will buy your unmortgageable property- quickly and for cash.

Our solicitors will complete the conveyancing process within days.

For a free house valuation, just fill in our fast enquiry form now. We can even get started today!

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