Selling an inherited property?

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January 6, 2015 - Read time: 3 minutes

Selling an inherited property? 1

Selling an inherited property – step by step process

Selling an inherited Property? If you are fortunate enough to have inherited a property you may be worried about what to do with it. You will want to make sure you have enough information so that you can fully benefit from your inheritance, but you don’t necessarily need to rely on the services of a solicitor.

If you have decided to sell your inherited property then we advise you to enlist the services of an expert probate buyer so that you can sell your inherited house fast and without any delay.  This way you will also avoid any common mistakes made when selling an inherited property.

Can you sell a property before probate?

Can you sell your inherited property before probate? Yes you can.  We will exchange contracts within days and you can apply for a probate grant afterwards.

Probate solicitors will charge you thousands of pounds.  The longer it takes, the bigger the bill.  Your solicitors are unlikely to be in any rush to sell your inherited property.  In one of the worst cases, we have seen the sale of a probate property take as long as 3 years!

How to sell a deceased estate?

The process of how to sell a deceased estate can be a long process if you follow the traditional route via an estate agent.

The issue is that the deceased estate has to be sold in order for the proceeds to become available to the beneficiaries.

Managing a deceased estate can become a full time job for the Executor.  Many Executors are not fully prepared to deal with the various responsibilities involved in selling the deceased estate.  For further information, read our essential guide to selling an inherited house quickly.

Probate House Clearance – Where Do I Start?

As part of the probate house clearance process it may be your responsibility to make sure the house is cleared of all its contents.  Before you begin to remove furniture, it is important to first locate the Will and any items of sentimental value.  The Will should contain the names of any beneficiaries as well as stating the appointed Executor.

Some people prefer to handle the house clearance themselves, but it can be a time-consuming and emotional process. Many people will enlist the services of a probate house clearance firm, either to assist in the process or indeed to handle the whole thing. You can expect to pay anything from £500 to £2,500 for clearance services, depending on the size of the house and the amount of furnishings and personal possessions.  Local charities are usually very happy to receive donations, although they do have some strict guidelines and typically do not accept any electrical items or furniture that is not certified as fire proof. It is best to check with the charity before you turn up with a van-load of items that they may or may not be able to take from you.

Should you wish to enlist our help with selling your inherited property, we are ready and waiting to provide you with a free valuation on your property.  We will even offer you a free probate house clearance service if we buy your house!

It is the responsibility of the Executor to apply for a grant of probate.  Probate Registry office in Leeds can help.  Because they are a Government Department, they are willing and able to help you.  You will need to provide:

  • a copy of the Will
  • the Death Certificate
  • the Executor’s ID documents
  • and finally correct administration fee.

You can appoint a solicitor to apply for Grant of Probate or you may choose to do it yourself.

Grant of Probate can take between 2-3 weeks.  The Executor can put the house up on the market right away, or sell it privately to us.  If you decide to let us buy your inherited property we will offer you a £500 contribution towards your legal fees and there are no other hidden fees to pay.

Probate House Insurance for FREE?

It is highly unlikely that you have probate house insurance in place already.  Your standard insurance product will only cover an empty property for up to 30 days.  Check with your insurance provider for further details as some will only provide very limited cover, perhaps as short as 14 days. Therefore, it is imperative that you either buy probate house insurance or an empty property insurance.  Property Saviour will offer you a comprehensive Probate House Insurance for free if you decide to sell your property to us.  Get your free no obligation offer today.

Probate House Maintenance Tips

There are certain conditions of a probate house insurance which involve maintaining the safety and condition of the property. To keep your inherited property safe and in good condition follow our probate house maintenance tips. Alternatively we can do this for you!

  • Ensure that the property has anti-snap locks.  If not, you need to upgrade them.  Standard locks leave the property vulnerable to thieves who can break in easily while the property is unoccupied.
  • If you live near the property, or there is a friendly neighbour who can help you with this, then we strongly recommend pulling the blinds or curtains at night.  Turning on the lights and leaving a radio or television on can also give the impression of an occupied property.
  • Leave a car on the drive.  This will deter any potential thieves.
  • Considering draining the property.  Water can escape through burst pipes in both summer and winter.
    • Firstly, switch off the boiler.  This is very important first step.
    • Then turn off the stop cock
    • Now turn the taps on in the kitchen and bathroom sinks.
    • Find the lowest point in your property, drain one of the radiators using a hose-pipe
    • Now wait for 30 minutes
    • Then you must bleed all of the radiators using a radiator key
    • Now you will have to wait for 2-3 hours until the water is fully drained.
    • When you can hear air hissing sound coming through the taps this means that your property is now fully drained.

If you decide to sell your inherited house to us, we are happy to take care of all the maintenance issues on your behalf.  Contact us today for your get a free no obligation valuation.

Selling a Probate Property?

Property Saviour will make the experience of selling a probate property as hassle-free as possible.  We understand the difficulties associated with having to deal with selling an inherited property. Perhaps you live in a different part of the country, the distance from the probate property can be a real headache in addition to handling bills, insurance, clearance, and property maintenance issues.

We are able to offer you a full package that means you won’t have to worry or stress about selling your probate property. We will give you a fair price for your inherited house, free empty house insurance, free probate house clearance service and free maintenance support and advice.

We are able to provide support for you in what can be an incredibly difficult time. We will help with everything, from dealing with a grant of probate to helping you sell your house at the best possible price.

We will always strive to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your inheritance.  We will also help to resolve any disputes amongst beneficiaries if required.  Our ability to exchange contracts in days puts us firmly at the forefront of genuine cash buyers.  We are the #1 probate house buyer in the UK and you can see why.

We are sympathetic, friendly and honest. We will pay £500 toward your legal fees. We can save you thousands of pounds in applying for a grant of probate too!

We will buy your probate house regardless of its condition.  We are not estate agents.  We do not charge any fees whatsoever.  We will also pay for all your costs including your valuation fee and an Energy Performance Certificate, worth at least £500.

Give us a call on 0113 320 6700 or make an enquiry now for free probate property advice.


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