Should I Sell My Commercial Property?

If you don’t want the hassle of dealing with tenants, and you need a quick sale, selling your commercial property is probably the way forward for you.

Marketing a commercial property

Before you can market your property, it is important to understand what your buyers will be looking for. Their main considerations are likely to be location, suitability and property price. 

Location location location

The location of a commercial building can dictate its value, how it can be used and ultimately the level of trade it will achieve for its owner.  Commercial properties in up-and-coming towns generally fetch a premium; you’ll have fewer buyers to choose from, but you can typically command a higher price without as much negotiation. 

Environmental considerations must also be taken into account, such as waste outputs, location relative to rivers and water reservoirs, proximity to built-up areas and any licensing regulations in force by the Local Authority. The buyer will need to take specialist advice and arrange any missing permits  – this can sometimes take months and even then, the permission may be refused at the last hurdle. 


For large retail spaces – formerly known as class A1 which changed to class E(a) in 2020 – your buyer would likely prioritise a prime high street position with superior footfall. If you are selling a modest shop in a secondary community location, perhaps a specialist grocer or clothes shop would fit this footprint well. The type of premises, therefore, largely dictates the potential buyer.

Warehouses are often located in industrial estates to allow cheaper rents, higher ceilings, forklift trucks or access to lorries. A small warehouse attached to office space has more limited usage, so may be harder to find the right buyer.

If you wish to sell office space, the location is mainly relevant to the type of business being carried out. These types of properties with E(b) usage (formerly B3 use) are often used by estate agents, accountants or solitcitor’s who will need both public access, reception areas and back-office admin areas. Offices for customer service functions and call centres can operate from cheaper industrial areas, with hundreds of car parking spaces for staff.


The factors above largely influence the overall price. Commercial property is then valued using several different methods:

  • Cost – cost of land plus cost of construction
  • Income – based on potential net income and cap rate 
  • Sales comparison – based on similar property prices in the area with similar features
  • Gross rent mulitplier (GRM) – ratio of property price to gross income
  • Value per door – compares individual unit prices within the property to another similar property

If you want to sell your commercial property in a rush, the traditional route will no doubt be unsuitable and there are so many things to consider and learn.

Selling to a cash buyer will mean the whole sale completes in under a month, with funds in your bank – and you don’t need to worry about the legals as we do it all for you!

Sounds complex! How can I sell quickly?

If you have time on your hands, you can sell a commercial property via estate agents or online via property portals, online auctions and even the likes of eBay.  Our article goes into more detail.

If you’re in a tricky spot with troublesome tenants, shoddy leases or you need a quick get-out because your health is failing, we can buy your property for cash within 28 days. 

Money in the bank = total freedom from stress (and tenants).

Sell your commercial property for cash - with Property Saviour

At Property Saviour, we buy commercial properties all the time, so we know the pitfalls and what you might need to consider if selling privately or through an agent . 

We are used to dealing with a range of commercial property problems – we buy regardless of :

  • structural defects
  • illegally sublet buildings
  • sitting ternants
  • inappropriate property use class
  • unlicenced premises
  • commercial lease forfeiture, eviction and reposession

We don’t buy properties on behalf of investors; we buy the property ourselves and either renovate or re-let it quickly. As genuine commercial property cash buyers, we have the ability to pay you not just the intention – and we’re happy to provide proof of funds.

Property Saviour can exchange contracts quickly without you having to waits months to find a buyer or tenant. As a business landlord this helps you avoid further losses where tenants aren’t paying their rent.

It’s a huge decision to make, but it costs nothing to give us a call and have a chat with our experts about your options and what you can expect if you’re considering an auction sale.


Commercial property sold fast

I had a property to sell in Bradford – a commercial property – and Property Saviour were very interested. They came and visited and were happy with the property.  Everything went perfectly, no problems. I would recommend them to anyone.

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Office sold due to ill health

I sold a commercial property to Property Saviour due to poor health. They were able to purchase the property quickly and I was updated regularly throughout the process of the sale. Property Saviour did everything they could to make the sale go through as smooth as possible. Their lawyers reacted to all written enquiries generally […]

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lease or sell?

Commercial leases are a bit of a minefield of legal jargon. Our experts will help you decide!

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