Guide to probate selling a property?

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July 7, 2015 - Read time: 3 minutes

Guide to probate selling a property? 1

Our guide to selling a probate property or house that will explain the essential steps you need to take in order to:

  • Applying for a grant of probate to legally allow you to sell your property
  • Dealing with bills from utilities, council, mortgage company and insurance
  • Regular essential maintenance of the probate property
  • Updating and modernisation of property, if required
  • And finally preparing to sell your probate property.

Selling a probate property can be an huge task.  Let’s face it.  It is a one-off event that you need to be prepared for.  That is why we have broken down our guide to probate selling a property into an action list.

Applying for a grant of probate

Before you can legal sell your probate property or house, you will need to apply for a grant of probate.  This is a relatively straight forward process.  You can do it yourself and save yourself thousands in legal fees.

Read our guide to applying for a grant of probate.

Dealing with utilities, council, mortgage company and insurance

When you are looking to sell probate property, you will be faced with a number of statutory demands for payments.  These can include:

  • Final demand letters for payment from utilities providers for gas, electricity and water
  • Intended court action from the local council for non-payment of council tax
  • You will not know this but your empty probate house will not be fully insured after first days of becoming empty!  You will need to buy an empty house insurance.  This could cost a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds depending on property type and location.

Some suppliers will understand if you explain that you are selling a probate property and once probate is settled you will look to pay their bills.

You may have to pay the bills in order to get rid of constant letters landing on the door mat, as the very last resort!

Did you know?  We are in a position to quickly exchange contracts and release funds to you if you need to settle probate bills.  Please call us if you are thinking of selling to a cash buyer without all the hassle. We can be reached on 0113 320 6700.  We buy nationwide, all types of properties in any condition.

Regular maintenance of the probate property

Even an empty probate property requires regular maintenance.  This has a number of benefits such as keeping away burglars who prey on empty houses to steal the cooper pipes.  You can’t prepare to sell your probate property if it is poorly maintained.

Here are our suggestions for maintenance of the probate property:

  • Drain down property as it can cause a flood in event of pipes bursting due to too hot or too cold weather!
  • Cut the grass regularly and cutting any trees or bushes – at least once a month gives the probate property a ‘lived in’ feel and look.

Read our probate house maintenance tips for a full set of maintenance tasks.

Updating and modernisation

Whether you decide to upgrade and add modern touches to your probate property is a personal decision that depends on:

  • Whether you have a budget for doing so?
  • Would you do it yourself?
  • Are you a builder?  Or at very least in building trade and have access to reliable trades professionals?
  • Is it worth it? Why bother when you can sell probate property, as it is?
  • Do you have time to do it? Or time to manage and oversee the builders?

Preparing to sell your probate property

You could instruct an estate agent to sell your probate house.  However, the process could be a long drawn affair with numerous viewings and potentially some low offers!  Plus you have fees to pay the estate agent.

This is why it pays to be dealing with a probate house buyer like Property Saviour.

We will buy your probate house quickly for cash within days.  Benefits of selling your probate property to Property Saviour include:

  • Guaranteed 100% cash offer – in your account within days via solicitors
  • Up to £500 towards your legal fees
  • No estate agency fees. We are discreet buyers and not estate agents.  We are not big fans of estate agents!
  • Free house clearance – worth up to £1,000.  All we ask is that you remove all valuables first.  Leave us the rest.
  • Free fully comprehensive insurance for your empty probate property. No need to worry.

Effectively you can relax after selling your probate property to us.  To get your free valuation and a cash offer, click here.

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