My neighbour has a non standard construction concrete built property.

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January 18, 2017 - Read time: 3 minutes

My house was a concrete non-standard construction that was bricked up about 5 years ago.  I bought the house in 2002 and this was not an issue with my lender at the time.  I have since re-mortgaged the property with Nationwide.  I put my house up for sale in August 2016 and sold it twice.  Once for £135,000 and second time for £131,500.  But both buyer’s surveyor have said that bank will not lend against the house because the house next door has not been bricked up at the back.

The neighbouring house belongs to a local housing association who are not interested in either having the back of property repaired or when that this will take place.

I put in an offer on another house that was accepted, and as a result had changed jobs for both myself and my partner. We are now driving 3 hours each way, as well driving our children to a nursery and setting off at 5am.  This is really taking its toll on me and we are really looking for a solution.

I am now left with an umortgageable house that I can not sell.  What should I do?

This was a dilemma that a home owner was facing when they contacted us.

Here is our response, and what we did.

First of all, we really feel your pain and frustration with having two collapsed sales.  This can be a really upsetting situation.  What is worst is that if your house had structural issues or was non-standard construction, it is relatively simple to fix because you can fix your own house.  But how do you even start to fix someone else’s property? Or persuade them to fix it because it is your problem and not theirs.

The housing association will have no real reason to fix their property.  What does not make sense is why they did brick up the front of the house?

We asked the vendor how much she wanted to sell her property at a fair price.  The price she wanted was a very reasonable and it meant that we could buy the property, rent it out for next 10 years, whilst we work out what to with the neighbouring property.

The property will be purchased within 2 weeks.

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