How to sell your house without an estate agent

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October 17, 2018 - Read time: 3 minutes

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When selling a property, using an estate agent is usually the first method that comes to mind, however, it is worth doing some research into how to sell your house without an estate agent, as there are a few quicker and cheaper options out there.

Using an estate agent can have many costs associated with it, and can cut quite a chunk from the money you would otherwise gain from a sale. It is, however, possible to sell a house without one, even taking into consideration the many legal steps to selling a house, it is achievable.

Estate agents have long been scrutinised in terms of the value that they offer their clients, with many people questioning what it is they do in order to charge such extortionate fees. Often, even the strategies that are used by estate agents can be questionable when they want to achieve a sale.

Unfortunately, you are likely to never be the estate agent’s only customer, as they will be dealing with both the buyer and the seller. Therefore, it is impossible for them to be acting in the best interest of the both parties. Commission estate agents would of course like a higher selling price, as this would mean more money coming their way, but to keep the buyer happy, they will also have to negotiate the lowest price possible.

If you have sold through an estate agent before, you are also likely to have experienced the call where they inform you that there is no staff available to conduct a viewing, so would you be able to show potential buyers around yourself? Considering the amount you are paying them to provide this service for you, this should never happen.

A tactic sometimes used by estate agents is to overvalue the property, claiming that they could sell it for more than someone else in order to win the custom. This will only ever lead to disappointment when the seller is advised to accept a lower offer at a later date. This isn’t the only underhand tactic sometimes adopted by estate agents. They have also been known to arrange fake viewings, not reduce the commission even if the sale price is lowered, promise there are interested parties even when there are none and various other tricks. If you have agreed a sale, the buyer can chip away at the price last minute because of mortgage surveyor has identified issues with the property.

Many estate agents will also want some costs paid for upfront, yet there is no guarantee of success, and you certainly won’t be getting your money back if the property doesn’t sell. If they already have your money, why would they then be motivated to try and sell your property at all? Some of the more sneaky businesses will also stuff the agreement with a clause that states that they are entitled to a commission fee if they are introduce a buyer that is ready to exchange contracts, even if you then back out of the sale.

How to Sell Your House Without an Estate Agent

It is for these reasons that it is not surprising that you are choosing to learn how to sell your house without an estate agent. What with more access to online property portals, the ease of being able to reach a much larger audience through the use of social media and the hope of cutting out fees, it is no wonder people are exploring this as a potential option, and you are likely to see more for sale by owner homes.

Making your own sale however can take a lot of time and devotion, as well as constantly being available in case of any enquiries. There are a few steps to selling a house by owner:

Make Your House Sellable As with selling anything, you need to make it appealing and presentable. If you feel you house is looking the best it can be, you could consider hiring a photography to get the very best angles, making it look open and desirable.

Home Improvements When selling a house, it is likely not to be in perfect condition. Chances are it will need some work done to it, whether that is just a new paint job to make the overall colour scheme more neutral and sellable, or if it needs a whole new kitchen or bathroom. In a worst case scenario, there may even be a structural issue to deal with. Seeing as you don’t have the luxury of time, you won’t be able to afford to spend thousands on these improvements, so a quick sale is exactly what you need.

Documentation- One of the most common questions asked when using sell your home yourself websites is ‘what documents do I need to sell my house without an agent? As the seller you will likely need to gather Proof of Identity, Property Title Deeds, Property Information Form, Fittings and contents Form, Energy Performance Certificate, Management Information Pack and possibly some others.

Your Options There are several options if you want information on how to sell your house without an estate agent. There is always the option of using an auction house, although this also has its downfalls. Another option is online property portals and sell house by owner websites, that offer the option of listing your home online for a fixed fee such as Purple Bricks.  You will likely have to use their additional paid for services such as floor plans, professional photographs and Energy Performance Certificate if you go with this option.  You will also pay for services, they will advertise your property and wait for a buyer assuming it was priced correctly. This is not ideal if you need a quick sale! There are also various documents required to sell property, so you need to ensure you have these sorted.

It is worth conducting some research in order to find the best for sale by owner website. Alternatively, you could go with a cash buyer, such as Property Saviour, for a quick and hassle free sale.

Selling Your House Quickly

One of the most common reasons you may want to learn how to sell your house without an estate agent is because you want to sell your house quickly.

There are likely to be many reasons that you need your house selling quickly, and an estate agent just cannot guarantee that speed for you. Although they can advertise and promote your property, they simply have to wait until the right buyer comes along. Some of the most common reasons for a quick move include:

  • Relocation- If someone needs or wants to relocated, then they may simply not have time to go through the long process of waiting for a sale.
  • Separation- A separation or divorce can be a stressful time, and that’s before even considering selling a house. A fast house sale can help remove this tension and make life easier for those involved.
  • Inheritance- Having an inherited house can be stressful to deal with, so a speedy and efficient service can help with this.
  • Mounting Bills- Often people will simply want a quick sale because the fees of selling another way are just adding up to the point where it can’t go on.

Give Property Saviour a Go

At Property Saviour  we are real cash house buyer who invest in properties all over the UK. We provide the ideal solution if you are wondering how to sell a house by owner for cash.

Property Saviour gives you the option to make a quick sale without having to deal with all the negative sides to dealing with an estate agent. We will take the stress out of the house selling process, buying any house, including bungalows, apartments and houses. So whatever else you have going on in your life, the house selling process doesn’t have to be something to worry about.

We are both honest and reliable, and will deliver a first class service every time. Collectively, we have over 25 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. However, if we believe that you will be better off selling via an estate agent, then we will not hesitate to let you know.

We understand that a quick house sale is not for everyone, but for those that do need it, there are many benefits. You can be certain of a sale, the house will be bought in any condition and you can work with a timescale that suits your life plans. Often, working with Property Saviour, you will be able to draw your funds from the house sale in as little as 10 days or faster, presenting one of the best methods of how to sell your house without an estate agent.

So, if you are in the situation where you need to sell you house fast, without the time, fees and stress that comes with it, then be sure to give Property Saviours a call today, and see what we can do for you.

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