How to sell house fast for cash?

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February 21, 2016 - Read time: 3 minutes

How to sell house fast for cash? 1

In a slow property market, the question of how to sell house fast for cash often comes up whether you are motivated seller talking to prospective estate agents, or if you happen to find yourself in circumstances where you need access to money quickly.

Your house is probably your biggest asset, and it is also the most expensive item a prospective buyer will be buying therefore; residential property is one of the most difficult assets to liquidate into cash because of a number of hurdles that you and your potential buyer has to jump through including:

  • Solicitors acting for your buyers whether they are in a position to ensure a speed sale AND
  • Mortgage offer and whether or not the buyer can afford to buy your property?
  • Whether you need to sell your house fast with urgency because of your personal circumstances AND
  • Your property being fit as a mortgageable security and you have all warranties and documents ready.

You will find our 3 top tips on how to sell house fast for cash today a useful read.

So if you are still wondering how can I sell my house fast after it has been on market for 6 months or longer, here are a number of suggestions that you may wish to consider.

Theoretically, the process of selling a house should be quite straight –forward and dare I say, simple:

  • Marketing gives your property the exposure;
  • Exposure results in viewings;
  • Viewings lead to offers;
  • Offers allow you the ability to start negotiating the price;
  • And finally you and your buyer will agree a completion date!

Beware of sell my house fast estate agents tactics

Certain sell my house fast estate agents believe that houses sell based on price alone. These estate agents will pose as cash house buyers in order to tempt you into their contract, and before you know it, your property is being advertised to the whole wider world, at significantly higher price than what the estate agent has agreed to buy your property for cash. These sell my house fast estate agent operate within distressed property industry, and have not got 2p to rub together because if they could, why would they not buy your house for cash?

The biggest mistake that is usually made when selling a house is that it is priced wrong. You have 3 options when it comes to selling a house, these are:

  1. Price the house at a low price to attract maximum interest;
  2. Price the property at the fair market value – this is what we call sell my house fast for market value strategy.
  3. Price it higher end of residential property market. But be aware, this may not help you achieve the objective of how to sell my house fast for cash.

If you have priced your property at higher end of market then you must be able to justify that price for instance you may have carried out extensive development and refurbishment of property, and therefore, you can demonstrate that price per square foot is realistic because you had added so much area.

Is sell my house fast for market value a good strategy?

If your property is priced too high, it will generate very little interest. No offers mean that property will sit on the open market for quite some time until lowball offers start to come in or you can consider options 1 & 2.

Sell my house fast for market value is an excellent strategy that can work wonders in a hot rising property market. The proven examples of this strategy is London housing market resulting in properties selling in East London going for as much as £1m and being snapped up with a few days of going on the market.

How to sell house fast for cash?

The recipe for success towards achieving a fast sale without ever doubting yourself on how to sell house fast for cash depends on two factors:

  • A willing genuine cash buyer with a team of solicitors ready to able to buy your house fast within a few days. The buyer must have money ready at point of making you an offer, and with a proof of funds available on a balance sheet often produced by their solicitors.
  • A willing seller who accepts that by selling their property for cash today, they are prepared to trade in 20% equity to the buyer for instance selling a £100,000 house for £80,000 today.   The cash house buyer can recommend a solicitor to act for the sellers if needed because many solicitors are not used to buying or selling residential properties within days.

How to sell my house fast – with the experts!

Property Saviour have a track record in buying properties all over England and Wales within a few days. Our funds are always at the ready with our solicitors, and will buy your house fast for cash today. To find out more please call 0113 320 6700.

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