Need Genuine Cash House Buyers? We can help.

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March 3, 2016 - Read time: 3 minutes

Need Genuine Cash House Buyers? We can help. 1

If a property is not selling it is usually because it is an unmortgageable house that requires cash house buyers. But where do you find these cash house buyers ready to buy your unmortgageable house? If you are thinking “I need to sell my house fast” or wondering how to sell your house fast in 5 days then cash property buyers could the answer.

The great news is that Property Saviour are genuine cash house buyers. We are happy to provide you with proof of funds with any cash offer we make for your property.  if you are looking for a property cash buyer in the UK to make you a cash offer for your property then Property Saviour can definitely help.  We are one of very few genuine cash house buyers in the UK – and we’d be happy to provide you with proof of funds to confirm our position.  We buy, renovate and rent many of our properties and this means that once you have sold your property, you can move on with your plans.  We are considered to be an ethical cash house buyers who are ready to buy your property quickly for cash in any condition.

The reason you may be looking for a cash house buyer could be several.  However, one reason could be that your property is not mortgage-able.

Let us define what makes a property unmortgageable?  There are numerous reasons why a property could be unmortgageable. In summary, they could be one or more of these:

  • Non-standard construction or build of property that cause lenders to run away because they believe that your property is not a suitable security for the mortgage. These types of properties include pre-fab concrete builds.
  • Dilapidated properties with overgrown garden and extensive refurbishment required. A lender looks at whether this property can be habitatable next day. If answer is doubtful, it is not mortgageable and you will need a cash house buyer.
  • Issue with legal title such as short leases. Any property that has less than 50 years left is considered suitable only for cash house buyers.
  • Or the property has Japanese Knotweed and therefore, only cash house buyers can purchase it.

So who are cash house buyers?

Cash house buyers are usually professional investment firms that buy properties for cash.  The true test of any genuine cash house buyer is to ask them for pro

of of funds, previous testimonials and confirm details of their solicitors.  Please be careful as some companies that are pretending to be cash house buyers are not really cash house buyers.  They maybe sourcing properties for other investors who will buy your property using a mortgage, and this can take several months.  A property buying company like Property Saviour have substantial cash reserves, allowing us to buy a property or a portfolio of properties quickly for cash – and without any hassle or delay.

There are literally thousands of searches each month on alone from sellers who are searching on:

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There are thousands of websites that claim to be able to buy your house for cash but how many of them are in a position to exchange contracts within days, and provide you with genuine reviews, proof of funds and so on?  Dealing with Property Saviour can really mean a genuine and fast house sale.

How do you find genuine cash house buyers?

Selling your property to genuine cash house buyers like Property Saviour means that you can relax knowing fully well that you have sold your property.  Another benefit of dealing with true cash house buyers is that they can immediately exchange contracts often, within a few days, and complete at a date that suits you.

When you are dealing with cash house buyers please understand that they are trying to make a profit by buying your property and selling it on for a profit usually after a refurbishment, and spending time and money on the property. Whether it is an individual in capacity as a cash house buyer or a professional firm of actual cash house buyers, they will be undertaking the risk of financial outlay in the hope that property market will not crash between the period of buying a house and eventually reselling it in 12-18 months’ time.

A genuine cash house buyers’ firm will offer you up to 80% of market value of a residential property. It really depends on risk appetite of cash buyers and location of your residential property. A dwelling in London would attract top price whereas a house in Newcastle will probably achieve a fair market value.

Is a cash house buyer right for me?

A genuine property cash buyer does not pay full market value.  But they will pay a fair market value.

Property Saviour do not work on a set amount of discount instead we judge every property on its unique merit and based on its desirability.  Property Saviour will always make you the best cash offer possible for your property.

Who can use a house buying service like Property Saviour?

There is a myth that only sellers in desperate situation such as facing repossession or divorce are looking for cash property buyers. In fact, 35% of all our sellers have tried and failed to sell their properties on the open market via an estate agent. So anyone selling a house can use property cash buyer like us!

Can cash house buyers really exchange contracts fast?

Without a shadow of doubt, cash house buyers should be able to exchange contracts within a week, and as quick a 2-3 days. If you have a cash house buyer and they are taking their time, they are either not a genuine cash house buyer or they are looking for investors for your property.

If you find yourself in a predicament where you do need services of a true and genuine cash house buyers please call our helpline on 0113 320 6700.

Are Property Saviour discreet cash house buyers?

We understand and appreciate the need for your discretion, and thus we are very discreet cash house buyers. Our staff do not drive “we buy houses fast” branded vehicles in fact, you would not able to tell our Valuers if you saw them in your local supermarket because we are all real grounded property people with no Ferraris or Aston Martins in sight.

Whether you have inherited a property, selling a going concern or wish not tell the world that you are selling your house, we are the cash house buyers for you.

Please call our 24 hours cash house buyers helpline to see how we can buy your house fast on 0113 320 6700.


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