Guide to Sell Your Fire or Water Damaged House in the UK

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July 5, 2018 - Read time: 3 minutes

Guide to Sell Your Fire or Water Damaged House in the UK 1

Is your house damaged by a sudden outbreak of fire? Has recent flood in your region completely damaged your property or you had the worst water leak ever? While dealing with this terrible experience and huge financial loss, one question that comes to your mind is – shall I repair or sell fire or water damaged property?

Repair vs. Selling Your Fire or Water Damaged Property

Are you relieved with the fact that your home or buy-to-let property is covered by insurance? In truth, getting full coverage for a fire or water damage house can be tricky, following an incident or fire or water leak. Your insurer underwriters will inspect the case in details and employ a loss adjuster which may take several months. And when the final report comes, it may not be satisfactory as usually insurance companies try to wriggle out of claims. In fact, even after you have renewed your insurance the following year at an inflated premium, you will need to spend a lot of money on repairs and renovation.  This may well be a condition of your insurance to keep property in good order.  It is at this point that we would recommend reading this article – should I hire a loss assessor to act for me?

If your property was empty for a couple of months, and a pipe had burst or fire started then it may well be that insurance company will not pay out the claim as property was unoccupied for more than 30 days.

To avoid hefty refurbishment costs, it is better to sell fire damaged house to a reliable cash home buying companies like Property Saviour. They buy fire or water damaged properties on “as is” condition and for cash! Isthat something you did not expect? No more spending in property refurbishment, no more stress living with your devastated property! It becomes absolutely hassle-free to sell water or fire damaged house and you get the best cash price as well.

There is another good reason why you should sell water damaged property or one that is destroyed by fire. You ought to acknowledge this – no matter how much you spend on repairs, you will not get full market value for the property. This is because people attach a stigma to properties destroyed by fire or water. So, it will be challenging to sell or rent out your house. On the other hand, you cannot insure it with another insurer and you would have to pay high premiums with your existing house insurer.

Therefore, it will be a wise decision to sell your damaged property rather than taking the pain of refurbishing it. And with Property Saviour being a real cash house buyer, you do not have to worry about selling your property.  All you have to do is call us on 0113 320 6700.

Know When You Sell Fire Damaged House

 Who said that it is impossible to sell fire damaged property or one that has been badly hit by water? There are certain steps you can take to make the process fast and hassle-free.

  1. Tidy up your property 

If you wish to sell water damaged house or a property devastated by fire, start with cleaning up as much as possible. This does not mean you have to call a builder straight away who could charge high prices. Rather clean the property to a professional standard, replace all damaged things and get rid of the smell of smoke or clogged water.

  1. Talk to your insurance company

Your insurance company could help compensate for some cost of repairing and cleaning the property. So, talk to them immediately. Getting your home professionally cleaned can improve your odds of a profitable sale.


  1. You can ACTUALLY sell your home on ‘as in’ basis

Did you know that you can sell fire damaged house in whichever condition it is? Home buyers like Property Saviour will buy your house as in condition and that too in cash. No more spending tens of thousands of pounds in refurbishment costs. However, a well-cleaned home can fetch you better resale value. Get in touch with Property Saviour to close a profitable deal for your wrecked property.

  1. Get a better price for your land

If your house is built on a valuable land, you are likely to earn better profits for the entire property, irrespective of the fire or water damage. To discuss a high value property that has potential, you may wish to talk to Property Saviour before you decide to sell your water or fire damaged  property in the UK.

What Are Your Options to Sell Your Fire or Water Damaged House?

Now that you are ready to sell your property, it is crucial to consider what options you have in hand. One good way is to advertise your house on sale. You will have to inform the buyers that the property is hit by fire or water.

Another way to sell fire damaged property is to via an estate agent. This can take months because you will require only a cash house buyer.  There will be thousands of pounds in commission to pay also. So why not go direct to a cash buyer like Property Saviour?

If you are in a hurry to sell and want to get a fair price thenpartner with a cash home buying company like Property Saviour. One of the great advantages of working with ‘cash for house’ companies is that they buy any type of house or property ‘as is.’ This means that you do not have to refurbish your house before selling it.

You would doubt, “What is their profit in buying a fire or water damaged house?” The answer is – these companies have hefty cash reserves which they use to buy homes in bulk across the UK. Next, they get these properties refurbished. The refurbished houses are later sold when the housing market improves.

Here are some benefits of working with cash-for-house companies such as Property Saviour:

  • Fast house sale – From initial inquiry to having funds in your bank, the entire process may take only 7 days. We can exchange contracts in days once you have accepted our offer.
  • Get paid in cash – The money gets transferred to your solicitors bank account who can usually make a same day payment into your own account to draw down the funds. We would be happy to provide proof of funds.
  • Hassle-free – Sell water or fire damaged house in a hassle-free manner. No delays or anxieties related to traditional home selling of buyers not turning up, not making any offers or not being to get a mortgage!
  • Cost-effective – Normally when you put your property on sale, you have to first pay for expensive refurbishment, have professional photographs and pay an estate agent. Property Saviour will buy your home in any condition, saving your money in costly repairs, commission and fees.

There are many reasons why you should sell fire damaged house to cash home buying companies. They are reliable, quick and ensure good resale value. Contact property experts at Property Saviour for a FREE cash offer on your fire or water damaged house.

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