Guaranteed Rent in Harrogate

Guaranteed Rent in Harrogate

Guaranteed Rent in Harrogate Explained

Attention Landlords: get a guaranteed rental income scheme for your Harrogate property!  Property Saviour’s tips for guaranteed rent in Harrogate can take away the worry or doubt about receiving your monthly rental income. Our guaranteed rent scheme pays you rental income on time, every time.

This scheme gives landlords peace of mind with a hassle-free guaranteed rental income for your Harrogate portfolio.

Find out if Property Saviour’s guaranteed rent scheme in Harrogate is right for you.

Property Saviour’s guaranteed rental income scheme in Harrogate explained….

If your property is in reasonable condition, we would be very interested in talking to you about our guaranteed rental income scheme in Harrogate.

We become your tenant for a period of 3-5 years; we will pay your rent continuously during this period, on time each month.

Whether you are a retiring landlord or a landlord living abroad, we take away the hassle of finding new tenants.  There are no expensive tenant finder fees or management fees to pay.  We will take care of all the day-to-day repairs too.

A full inventory is provided to confirm the condition of the property, with a commitment to return the property to you in the same, if not better, condition as we found it in.

As a property owner you will have full peace of mind knowing that repairs, up to the value of £200 per single repair, are covered by us.  These can include boiler repairs, internal plumbing issues and electrical problems.

With no fees, zero commission, and nothing to pay in extra fees; it really does what it says on the tin.

Our experience in managing and renting our own properties has taught us that tenant problems can arise and cause issues for even the most experienced landlords.  These can range from:

  • Consistently late paying tenants, tenants paying in instalments or never catching up with rent owed.
  • Tenants opting to spend their rent money on gambling, throwing a party or even paying off other debts!
  • Tenant turnover can be high with a typical tenancy lasting between 6 to 12 months.
  • In the worst cases the landlord may be left with a trashed property but even minimal wear and tear can still require a full decoration in order to sell or re-let the property.
  • Repair bills that a landlord has to pay, particularly if the property has been damaged.
  • The emotional and financial trauma of dealing with tenants’ remaining possessions or general rubbish left at the end of a tenancy.
  • Void periods during repairs and refurbishment phases which leaves the landlord having to fund the mortgage payments out of their own pocket!

Imagine if you never had to deal with any of the above? How would that feel?  Would you be more relaxed knowing that your rent will be in your account on the same day each month?  That is the assurance that our guaranteed rental income scheme in Harrogate can offer you.  

Is our guaranteed rental income scheme in Harrogate right for you?

We understand the day to day pressures of being a Landlord or a Landlady.  There are several statutory obligations to be met such as:

  • Providing gas safety certificates
  • Protection of tenants’ deposits into a deposit protection scheme
  • Ensuring the property is safe for tenants to live in
  • Allowing the tenant to enjoy the property without being disturbed
  • Following a set procedure of notices if you would like to gain possession of property.

We will take care of all the statutory obligations for you – even providing you with all relevant copies of documentations.

Key benefits of guaranteed rent in Harrogate

Finding and vetting new tenants and selecting the right tenants to prevent rent arrears can be a full time job as a Landlord.  Luckily for us, we love doing this.  Let us deal with this for you.

Here are the key benefits of our guaranteed rent scheme in Harrogate:

  • Full repairs service of up to £200 in a single repair, so no bills for you
  • Guaranteed rental income each month for 3 years, with every assurance and no risk
  • It is not an insurance product with lots of exclusions
  • No expensive letting agent fees to pay for
  • Rent guaranteed for your Harrogate property even if it is empty!
  • Peace of mind that we will look after your property as if it was our own.

Who are we?

We provide affordable housing for working tenants only.  Our professional tenants are all fully vetted and have guarantors.

Our energetic, talented and professional team take care of all viewings, prompt repairs, dealing with tenant queries and keeping on top all of the obligations that a normal Landlord has to comply with.

We have already successfully managed properties on a guaranteed rent scheme within Harrogate and the surrounding areas.  Need references?  Just ask.

Do I qualify for guaranteed rental income in Harrogate?

We urgently require 2-4 bed houses in Harrogate.  We also welcome properties that are Houses of Multiple Occupations (HMOs), Bedsits, Bed and Breakfasts or ex-hotels.  Properties in good areas with excellent transport networks are given top priority.

Call us on 0113 320 6700 to find out more about guaranteed rental income scheme in Harrogate.

Contact us today to see if your property qualifies.  Let the team at Property Saviour take the stress away and give you guaranteed rent in Harrogate.

Property Saviour
Property Saviour

Property Saviour are experts in buying your property fast ethically. We will buy your property, guaranteed. Our service is free and we never charge any fees. We contribute an extra £500 towards your conveyancing fees. Whether you have inherited a property, it is an investment, or the property is in negative equity, we can help. Get in touch with us today on 0113 320 6700.

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