Guaranteed Rent in Birmingham

Guaranteed Rent in Birmingham

Our guaranteed rent scheme in Birmingham takes away the worry of rents not being paid, complex court battles, stress of dealing with housing benefit office, property being trashed, and expensive refurbishment costs only to start the cycle again.

We are urgently in need of 1 to 12 bedrooms properties in Birmingham on a guaranteed rent basis.  Property Saviour will offer you a guaranteed rent in Birmingham no matter what the condition of your property may be.  We offer guaranteed rent whether you have a city centre apartment, an ex-council house or a house of multiple-occupancy or HMO for short.


Is guaranteed rent in Birmingham right for you?   

With our guaranteed rent income scheme in Birmingham you do not often get full market rent but you get certainty that rent that has been guaranteed will be paid on time every time each month without failure.  Under exceptional circumstances for properties located near NEC and other suitable attractions we can offer up to 80-90% of market rent.

We become responsible for all your repairs, managing your tenants and taking appropriate legal actions at our own cost should they stop paying the rent, we also become responsible for putting the property right should tenant lose their temper and end up trashing it upon vacating a property.

With Government’s tax changes kicking in April 2016 resulting in reduced mortgage interest relief, many landlords are looking for certainty of income that a guaranteed rental scheme in Birmingham provides.


Can my letting agent provide me with guaranteed rent in Birmingham?

Yes your letting agent can provide you with an insurance backed guaranteed rent policy in Birmingham but it will have a number of exclusions in it.  Will that provide you the assurance that you need?  Beware your letting agent will get a nice commission for selling you an insurance back guaranteed rent scheme.


How is guaranteed rent in Birmingham is calculated?

We pay guaranteed rent in Birmingham on a monthly standing order every month via bank transfer. We call it a set-and-forget system whereby the payments are made electronically and no intervention is required from us at all.
We calculate how much we can pay on a guaranteed rent basis depending on the accommodation that a property offers, its proximity to local transport networks in Birmingham and local attraction and finally the condition of property.  We effectively underwrite the risk of void period, repairs and non-payment of rent but can pay up to 100% of market rent for properties in nice areas.

We do pay up to 100% of market rent for exceptional properties in the right locations.  Please call us today on 0113 320 6700 to see how we can help.


How can you pay rent when my property is empty?

We run a successful property portfolio that helps us off-set any shortfall in rental income.  We also carry forward our profit and always have a healthy balance sheet allowing us to deal with any unexpected situations. With our guaranteed rent in Birmingham option, there are zero void periods.

You do not have to worry about rent not coming in, and pay mortgage out of your own pocket.  We will pay the rent if property is sitting empty for months or there’s a refurbishment taking place.


Your rent is guaranteed every time.

We do the chasing of tenants not paying rent, collect any arrears or if absolutely necessary evict the tenants using the court to obtain a possession order.  We do the chasing so you do not have to.  Your rent is guaranteed every time from your investment property for the duration of our contract.


Say goodbye to letting agency fees & monthly commissions

It does not cost you anything to find out more.  It is also refreshing to know that there are no fees to pay.  There are no monthly deductions from your rent, no unexpected repair bills to surprise you and absolutely zero hidden extras!

We will deal with all tenant queries, questions, complaints, feedback and repairs at our own costs so you do not have to.

When you sign up with us, your property becomes one of our own, and we treat it as if it was our own house.


Your property starts earning money fast

Our guaranteed rent contract start date is fixed so your property starts to earn money fast.  There is no worry about the void period in between tenancies.  The minute we sign the contract your property starts to earn the income.  Birmingham is a thriving city and we are the property experts when it comes to getting a property let.


Farewell to court visits, bailiffs and locksmiths on a Sunday!

We deal with all that so you do not have to.  We will evict the tenant at our own cost, pay the legal bills associated with obtaining a possession order, turn up with bailiffs at the property, change the locks with a locksmith, refurbish the property and get it let again.  You get the hassle free guaranteed rent.


Isn’t it about time you deserve a peaceful life as a Landlord?

We will deal with all the hassle so you do not need to.  Just call us on 0113 320 6700 so that our local representative can come and view your property and discuss the guaranteed rent scheme in Birmingham with you.


What To Do Next?

Complete your contact details and one of our colleagues will get in touch to explain the process and book a free rental appraisal.

Property Saviour
Property Saviour

Property Saviour are experts in buying your property fast ethically. We will buy your property, guaranteed. Our service is free and we never charge any fees. We contribute an extra £500 towards your conveyancing fees. Whether you have inherited a property, it is an investment, or the property is in negative equity, we can help. Get in touch with us today on 0113 320 6700.

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