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How does the process of selling my house work?

Once you make the enquiry via Property Saviour, a property buyer will call you within one working day.

We will need to understand two things; your circumstances to establish how quickly a sale is required; and what is property’s current condition.

We will then go away and establish a true market value based on what has sold in last 3 months within your street or ¼ mile of your property.  We will then make you a cash offer for your property.

If accepted, our representative will visit your home explain the paperwork that has to be submitted, appoint a solicitor for you and then agree dates for completion with yourself.

Our representative drives a normal unmarked car and therefore, nobody will know you have sold your property.

Do you really buy any property regardless of condition?

Yes!  We have bought properties that require full refurbishments, houses with structural issues, tired bungalows with leaky roofs and even properties with subsidence.

Will you buy a rural property?

Yes we will buy a property anywhere in England or Wales even if it is a remote location.

Are you really genuine house buyers?

Yes we are true cash buyers.  That is why we can give you a date for exchange of contracts and a completion date. We are so confident in our ability to buy your property that we even pay £500 towards your legal fees.

What type of properties do you buy?

We buy all residential, commercial properties and plots of land.

Will you buy fire damaged properties?

Yes we will.

Why should I sell to Property Saviour?

Well that is entirely your decision.  What we will say is that we give you certainty and speed.  We keep our word when we say, we will buy your house; we would exchange contracts within 2 weeks or less!  Other house buying firms, will agree a price with you and then go and look for investors, we have our own cash funds with solicitors – who will confirm proof of cash.

In summary, our process is hassle free with money in your bank in as little as two weeks.

Will I have to pay my estate agent fees?

If your agent has been marketing your property, you need to give them notice to terminate your contract.  Typically an agent will only get paid when they have sold your property and sale has gone through.  Our advice is to speak to your agent and give your notice.  But let us first make you an offer.

How quickly can you buy my house?

We can buy within 3-4 weeks and in exceptional circumstances within one week.

How discreet is the sale?

The sale is very discreet.  All we require is one viewing, and we can buy your house.  Unlike many buyers who are really estate agents, we will not put up a for sale board outside your house, as we buy properties for our own stock.

I am facing a repossession order, can you help me?

Yes.  You should tell your bank that a sale is agreed and provide them with your solicitors’ details.  You should also tell us so that we can provide proof of funds to the bank confirming that a sale is going ahead.

What about my furniture?

Can you sell your furniture? We suggest that you remove items of sentimental value and items such as Jewellery.  You can leave furniture in property, as we can recommend a specialist house clearance firm who charge anything from £250 to £1,000 to clear any property in UK.   Alternatively, if you can hire a van and with help of friends or family, take items to the local tip or list them on Freecycle; it would mean you’d be £250 better off.



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