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What type of properties do you buy?

We buy all residential, commercial properties and plots of land.

How long is the process for selling my house?

The process for selling your property to Property Saviour can take as little as 19 calendar days or quicker.  This is based on our average completion timeframe although we have bought properties in 7 calendar days too.

If you are selling your property via an estate agent or auctioneer, it can take several months for the sale to go through and additional costs associated with selling via an auction

What is the process for selling house privately?

  1. Make an enquiry with us providing us with post code, details of property and your contact details
  2. We will call you to ascertain details of property and condition of property
  3. We will conduct a desktop valuation and make you an indicative cash offer subject to a survey which will paid for by us
  4. Following survey, we will make a formal offer, instruct solicitors and agree date for completion.

Do you offer full market value for the property?

The only buyer who can offer you a full market is an owner-occupier.  No genuine investor can offer you full market value based on a quick sale and cash in the bank within days.  However, as we are ethical buyers we will make you a fair offer based on condition of property and location.  We can quickly exchange contracts and complete at a timescale that suits you.

How does selling house privately differ from selling house on open market?

When selling your property to Property Saviour, you are in complete control of when you’d like us to complete. We can exchange contracts and release deposit too.  Finding a buyer on the open market can take several months.  Once a buyer is found, it will take another 2-3 months to complete.  There is a risk that the bank may down-value the property due its condition.  You will also have to consider that your buyer can chip away at the price if property needs work or an excuse such as ‘we have found a better property’.

How long does it take before I get a cash offer?

On average, it takes us 24 hours to issue an offer to you, and usually it takes us around 48 hours on the weekends.

How is your offer calculated?

We look at similar sold properties on the open market.  If your property required updating then we will calculate the refurbishment cost and its end value and then based on that make an offer.  For all properties whether they are residential, commercial properties or land we look at end valuation based on income multiples and end values.

How can you guarantee me a discreet sale?

Whether you have a neighbourly dispute or family issues, we can help. First of all, we do not put up a for sale board as we are not acting for other investors. We will buy your property for our own portfolio.  We have bought properties with neighbourly disputes, squatters, sitting tenants and complex probate issues.  If we need to visit the property, we do not drive around in marked cars and therefore, nobody will be alerted to the fact that you are selling your property.

Do you really buy any property regardless of condition?

Yes! We have bought commercial properties, residential properties and land:


  • Fire burnt properties
  • Flooded properties
  • Properties with subsidence and structural issues
  • Properties with short leases and missing freeholder
  • Semi commercial properties
  • Properties with squatters
  • Properties with sitting tenants on a regulated tenancy basis
  • Properties with seriously neighbourly disputes
  • Properties with no access to view
  • Commercial properties with missing leases and tenants in serious rent arrears
  • Land without planning permission and refused planning permission

Will you buy a rural property?

Yes we will buy a property anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales even if it is a remote location.

Are you really genuine house buyers?

Yes we are true cash buyers.  That is why we can give you a date for exchange of contracts and a completion date. We are so confident in our ability to buy your property that we even pay £500 towards your legal fees. 

Will you buy fire damaged properties?

Yes we will.

Why should I sell to Property Saviour?

Well that is entirely your decision.  What we will say is that we give you certainty and speed.  We keep our word when we say we will buy your house. We will exchange contracts within 2 weeks or less!  Other house buying firms, will agree a price with you and then look for investors, we have our own cash funds with solicitors – who will confirm proof of cash.  In summary, our process is hassle free with money in your bank in as little as two weeks.


Will I have to pay my estate agent fees?

If your agent has been marketing your property, you need to give them notice to terminate your contract.  Typically an agent will only get paid when they have sold your property and sale has gone through.  Our advice is to speak to your agent and give your notice.  But let us first make you an offer.

Do I need to provide you an empty property?

Not necessarily as we offer a free house clearance service once we have bought the property.  We will donate your possessions to British Heart Foundation,  a charity that we support.  This will save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds in house clearance costs.

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