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September 28, 2018 - Read time: 3 minutes

Do you need help selling probate house? 1

It really is no secret that selling probate house can be a huge stress for anyone. Even selling a house normally involves a huge amount of paperwork and complications nowadays. So it goes without saying that the probate property sale procedure has even more obstacles that you need to overcome in order to have a smooth sale.

Now, no one said selling deceased estate property would be a walk in the park. But with the complications that some estate agents and auctioneers cause, a lot of sellers walk away to save themselves the hassle. It’s understandable that some would get annoyed. The house market is not exactly booming at the moment, and prices are going down. But, with that being said, can you really afford to hold onto that property? Can you afford to wait for the market to come back? What if you’re sitting on a lot of money rather than using it? This is the reason that Property Saviour exists. Why wait, when you can put your sale into the hands of professionals? Selling probate house is hard, let us handle it!

A lot of people ask; can a house be sold while in probate? And it definitely can, but the speediness and efficiency of the sale depends on who you choose to sell it with. As an executor selling on the property market, you have a multitude of options. But, please know that some are a lot more long-winded then others. Let’s explore how.

Why shouldn’t I sell it using an estate agent?

People will often default to talking to an estate agent when they want a house sold or are selling an estate. This is an understandable method of thinking as we know estate agents to make a living selling houses. However, the process gets a little more complicated when you are selling probate house. For one, an estate agent will very rarely conduct a house cleaning before probate. Estate agents often don’t like to get their hands dirty and would rather distance themselves from actually visiting the property.

That’s where Property Saviour are different. We will organise a house clearance before probate. If we are helping you to sell probate house, we want you to feel like you are not alone in carrying the load.

Another reason not to sell it with an estate agent is that they will promise you they’ll sell it very quickly and for a great price, but reality rarely reflects this promise. When selling property in probate using an estate agent, it could be years before the house actually gets sold. And often, an estate agent will take the probate sale minimum bid, which might be a lot less than you thought it would be. Do you want to wait around, having selling probate house dreams as it hangs over your head? Only to short-changed when it comes to the sale? I didn’t think so!

With Property Saviour, you can expect a quick and efficient sale with a reputable team of people behind it when selling probate house.

Besides estate agents, when selling estate, a lot of people also gravitate towards an auction house as they feel the rush and intensity of auction houses they see glamourised on TV will get them that big sale. While this is an understandable way of thinking, it’s actually far from the truth.

Why shouldn’t I sell my house through an auction?

What people don’t always realise about auction houses, is that there’s an incredible amount of money to put up to facilitate an auction. You often have to pay the auctioneer quite a bit of money when selling probate house. Though this is not surprising, the last thing you want to happen when you are trying to make money, is to start giving it away. On top of this, if your house doesn’t sell at auction (which is highly likely), you will have to pay again to re-auction it, again and again and again for however long it takes!

Another factor of using an auction house that you may not have thought about, is that when you put the house up, people will naturally want to look around the house. This means that people will be free to paw through every little aspect of the house, which can be trivial and annoying, especially if you haven’t had time to clean.

The last thing to remember, is that auction houses may seem like very high-octane locations. But more often than not, things sold at auction will sell for a fraction of the price they were assigned. This is the last thing you want, especially when you’ve paid all that money to the auctioneer, and to the auction house in general.

So, if you should avoid estate agents AND auction houses, who else should you turn to?


We are the answer to anybody selling probate house. Unlike any auction house, we guarantee your sale from the get go! We also offer you sale advice at any given stage, whereas an auction house expect you to have the knowledge, we are not as judgemental. We know selling probate house can be a tough job, and we want to help you through every step of the way.

Estate agents can often stay at a comfortable distance when handling the sale of a house, we like to get stuck in and offer a free house clearance and clean it before you can say ‘can you empty a house before probate?’. Not only this, but we will work extremely hard to get you the best deal we possibly can. Whereas estate agents are often stuck for choices and end up selling it for a fraction of the price you wanted, we will strive to get an amount that you can be happy with.

So, for a hassle free sale when selling probate house, choose Property Saviour call us now on 0113 320 6700 or email us at to make an enquiry.

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