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Why would I be interested in Selling My House Quickly?

Our team has come across several reasons why a vendor may be looking to selling their property fast. Often people who are looking for a quick sale are looking for certainty and speed, and we have delivered on this promise time and time again.

We will now cover some of the different reasons that people choose to sell their house quickly and how it might benefit them – in response to popular demand from our blog readers:

Have you inherited a property that you don’t wish to keep?  

Some vendors find themselves in a very fortunate position where they have inherited a property but really have no need for it. Often people may not have the resources or the inclination to refurbish the property. Sometimes the property has emotional ties that the person would rather not have to deal with. Other times, the vendors may have inherited the property when there is still a mortgage left to pay on it. Often people can’t afford to pay that mortgage or simply don’t want the hassle of taking on the extra costs involved. In these situations, the best option is to sell the inherited property to a cash buyer.

Being responsible for an empty property can be both costly and time-consuming.  You are liable to pay the council tax for an empty property which can be a staggering 150% of the normal occupied property’s rate. You will also have to consider paying for daily service charges, such as utility bills and water rates. Additionally, the property is no longer fully insured after it has been empty for 30 days.  You will be required to buy a specific empty homes insurance cover and also commit to making regular visits to the property. Empty house insurance can be costly, and the bill could range from hundreds of pounds to thousands of pounds per year – depending on the valuation of the property.

If you are Executor of the estate, or indeed a beneficiary, you may wish to consider selling your house fast in order to settle the probate estate.

If this is you, fill in our enquiry form for your free offer.  Selling an inherited property could not be any easier.

Has your estate agent or property buyer been unable to achieve a quick sale?

Looking to sell your house fast?

Unfortunately, it is now common practice for recently trained property investors to pose as credible buyers. Believe it or not, there is a property get rich quick industry where property trainers are teaching people how to make money by sourcing distressed property and passing it on to investors. This technique is called Property Sourcing or Packaging a Deal.

In reality, these buyers will not have two-pence to rub together, and will simply get you signed up using an Option Agreement Contract – with the promise that either they or their associate investors will buy your property fast. Do not sign an option agreement under any circumstances on a promise of them buying your house. If you have already signed an agreement, do not worry – let us know, and we will show you how to get out of this agreement.

These buyers will seek investors for your property – and charge them thousands of pounds for their services. These investors will make you a silly offer that is hard to refuse, and then let you down at last minute.  Otherwise, the sale will take many months to complete because the investor will require a buy to let mortgage. Just think of them as estate agents who are acting for buyers and not you.

You will get nothing but disappointment with these types of scheme. The Office of Fair Trading found that house buying firms often drop the price at very last minute, just before the Exchange of Contracts – or else charge you extortionate fees, such as demanding a valuation fee upfront.

We can offer you peace of mind when you are looking for a guaranteed fast sale of your property. We will give you our solicitor’s details, and are in a genuine position to Exchange Contracts quickly.

If you need money fast, we can ask our solicitor to release our deposit to you. It really is a hassle-free and totally transparent experience. We will even pay £500 towards your legal fees. We will never tie you into an Option Agreement Contract. We are so confident that you will be satisfied that we will ask you for a video or written testimonial. Link to video testimonial.  Take the first step towards selling in your property. Fill in the enquiry form to get started.

Tired or retiring landlord – selling a house with sitting tenants?

Perhaps you are an experienced landlord who wishes to sell the property fast because it is not in an ideal condition. You may be retiring or just simply do not wish to remain a landlord? You may be lucky enough to have bought property at good price many years ago, and values have risen substantially since then. You may have also earned an income from that property over the year, so it has served you well. Well now, it can pay you again if you need cash quickly whether for another development project or a new business opportunity. We can help.  We can help you sell your house fast with a sitting tenant.

We can buy your property in any condition – anywhere within England and Wales. We can buy your property quickly with cash and even contribute £500 towards your legal fees.  Fill in the enquiry form to get started.

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