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Buy my probate house quick with cash

Are you wondering who will buy my probate house quick with cash?  Property Saviour specialise in buying all types of inherited properties.  We buy houses, flats, bungalows, plots of land, properties with short leases, squatter occupied properties and even empty derelict properties too! Often an estate agent will promise that they will sell your inherit… Read more »

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Wills and Probate Jargon Explained

Wills and Probates Jargon Explained: Learn the complex legal terms when discussing Wills and Probate It is highly unlikely that you will know the terminology that is used to discuss Wills and Probates?  After all, why would you?  These complex legal terms are not used in our day-to-day language.   However, you can learn the main… Read more »

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Selling an inherited property within an estate

Inheriting a property will never be easy due to likelihood of it being an emotional time and if you ever lived in the house, it can make it difficult to know what to do. Should one sell, move in, do it up or  let it out? The first issue is that this may not be… Read more »

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In Probate selling a property and need to sell house fast?

In Probate selling a property and need to sell house fast? Acting as an Executor in a sale? Want to know if you can sell before the grant of probate? Selling a jointly owned house when one owner has died? What are the legal fees on a probate sale? We can help to guide you… Read more »

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probate selling a property

Guide to probate selling a property?

Our guide to selling a probate property or house that will explain the essential steps you need to take in order to: Applying for a grant of probate to legally allow you to sell your property Dealing with bills from utilities, council, mortgage company and insurance Regular essential maintenance of the probate property Updating and… Read more »

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