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Here you can find articles and information on selling the property via auctions. If you would like more information on these things, then please get in touch.

Selling at auction fees

When it comes to selling at auction, fees can be high and a sale isn’t guaranteed. This is one of the main disadvantages of auction. The typical auction commission percentage is 2.5% on average, although it can be higher and there are other additional costs that need to be taken into account. Many people looking… Read more »

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What happens if a property does not sell at auction in UK?

What happens if a property doesn’t sell at auction in the UK? Well, first of all, you’re probably going to be feeling pretty disappointed. One of the many disadvantages of a house auction sale is the risk that your property won’t attract any interest, and fail to sell on the day. If an auction property… Read more »

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How much are auction fees?

So, how much are auction fees? Well, it turns out many people are confused about auction fees and are keen to find out how much auctioneers charge to sell a house at auction. If you need a quick sale, property auctions can be thrilling and potentially rewarding, however get it wrong and instead of getting… Read more »

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Is auctioning a house a good idea?

Is auctioning a house a good idea? If you can’t decide between an auction or a private sale, you’ll need to know how much it costs to auction a house, along with the advantages and disadvantages of auction sales. Before we go through the auction pros and cons, we’ll take a look at the cost… Read more »

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How to sell a property at auction

When you want to sell your property quickly, finding out how to sell a property at auction may seem like an exciting option. At an auction, it’s possible bidders will drive up the price of your property – meaning you get a quick sale and a great deal. However, before committing to go ahead, you… Read more »

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Selling A House At Auction vs a Private Sale

It’s a tough call, deciding between selling a house at auction vs a private sale. And one where many sellers get their fingers burned. When it comes to auctioning a house, there are pros and cons. Avoid becoming a casualty of selling at auction by following our tips on the pros and cons of selling… Read more »

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Auctioning A House Pros And Cons

Auctioning a house has become popularised recently.  Television programmes such as “Homes Under The Hammer” has made it seem like an attractive way to buy and sell and house.  Auctioning a house pro and cons won’t be revealed by your auctioneer or they won’t openly advertise them. However, selling a property at auction has its’… Read more »

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Looking for selling property at auction advice?

So, you are thinking of selling property at an auction and need some advice? But you don’t know where to begin? We hear you. Because sometimes, the selling property at auction advice you will find online, does not properly highlight the risks involved in the process. In this section, we go through all the selling… Read more »

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Property Saviour V Property Auctioneers in Bradford?

Would you rather sell your property NOW to a real cash buyer or wait 2-3 months with a Property Auctioneer in Bradford to see IF it sells? To sell your property with a property auctioneer in Bradford, here is what you have to do: Put in a really low guide price to attract buyers Prepare… Read more »

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Sell Your House with Auction House

How to sell your house with Auction House UK? Today, we interviewed a real auctioneer to ask some questions about how can I sell my house fast with Auction House? When it comes to selling a house Auction House Leeds are the experts.  They have consistently achieved fantastic results for sellers since their launch in… Read more »

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