Cash House Buyers Reviews

Cash House Buyers Reviews

Looking for cash house buyers reviews? You may have been approached by a cash property buyer and you are looking to see how to go about things.

Great news is that you have arrived at the right place.

Our national property guide to cash house buyers reviews reveals real truths and some of dirty tactics used by cash property buyer firms.

In April 2013, Office for Fair Trading investigated 3 “quick sale” house buying firms and their review found that:

  • Charge upfront fee of £500 to sellers for a house valuation fee. A buyer would normally pay for the survey and not the seller.
  • Stressing that property will be sold in 3-4 weeks yet the sales were taking months to complete.
  • Demanding that seller signs an exclusivity contract. This contract carried huge penalties for seller if they decided to change their mind or market the property via estate agent.

We have put together an excellent guide that covers all of these topics and more. Click on Property Guide to Cash House Buying scams UK.


What can you expect from real cash house buyers?

  • Immediately give you their solicitors details
  • Provide you a timescale for Exchange of Contracts
  • Usually an Exchange of Contract can take place usually within 5 days
  • Once Contracts have Exchanged the buyer cannot reduce the price
  • Buyer to pay for own valuation and survey
  • Complete within 2-3 weeks after Exchange of Contracts.

Lessons Learnt: Cash House Buyers Reviewed

There are a number of lessons to be learnt from dealing with cash buyers – even via estate agents. Often an estate agent will have not vetted their buyers fully.

If you dealing with an online quick house sale buying firm:

  • Do not pay any fees upfront – ever!
  • Do not sign any option agreement or exclusivity agreement.
  • Ask for buyers details and their solicitors. Whom will be acting for you? When can I get my solicitor to send the contracts out to you?

If they are hesitant; they are not cash a buyer and possibly an online estate agent looking to market your property! Do not fall for that trick.


Are YOU a Victim of Cash House Buyers?

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Here is a real review:

cash house buyers reviews

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