Can’t sell a house in 2020?

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December 24, 2019 - Read time: 3 minutes

Can't Sell a house in 2020?

If you’re considering selling your house in 2020 and need a quick sale, you could be facing uncertainty due to Brexit and how it’s going to affect the UK housing market.

Is the housing market going to crash in 2020?

The truth is, right now, even estate agents and property experts don’t know how the government will tackle housing issues, or how Brexit will affect property prices and the supply and demand for property in the UK.

Mortgage rates could also be affected in the coming months, meaning bigger problems could lie ahead for potential buyers. Whilst you wait patiently to hear more news, and comments from the government, if you need to sell your home quickly in the new year because you don’t have time to wait months, and you need money in your pocket, you could save time by contacting us at Property Saviour.

In recent news and articles, experts have revealed their opinion on the falling property market in 2020, and further to our statement – it’s not looking good for neither sellers or buyers.

The UK housing market is unlikely to pick up next year as Brexit uncertainty will continue to dampen sales, property experts have warned after looking at various data sources from last April to Dec.

UK house prices are expected to rise by about 2 per cent on average in 2020, little changed from this year, according to forecasts by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

‘Challenges around financial affordability and low stock levels will continue to drag on the market, and Brexit uncertainty could resurface as the next deadline draws closer,’ RICS economist Tarrant Parsons said.

Just days ago, a separate report from RICS, considered a key barometer of the housing market, showed demand from buyers falling at the same time as less people are putting their properties up for sale last month.

The worst months to sell

Unfortunately, Dec and Jan are the worst months on record for property sales, meaning if you need to sell your home fast, you could be waiting your fair share of time to see a return on your efforts.

Like the cold weather, most people shiver thinking about selling their home during Dec. It’s likely the hardest to sell a house in most areas.

Spring is the best time to start marketing your property, with April proving to be the most successful – however, as always there’s no guarantee.

Many people recieve a tax return in April or spring, making more funds available for repairs and renovations. However, regardless of the potential tax return to help boost sales , April might not be the best month to sell your homes if the weather is still bad, and remember, competition is fiercest in April, so if your homes are imperfect, they may be harder to sell.

With the uncertainty around tax thanks to Brexit, many buyers may be hesitant – especially as they’ll have to pay stamp duty tax on your property. Until the government have made a formal decision about tax prices next year, it would be typical to expect sellers to wait until they know how much they’re guaranteed to fork out.

The rate of stamp duty tax you pay depends on what price threshold your property falls into and where the property is. Currently, there are different rates of tax in Scotland and Wales compared to England and Northern Ireland. It also depends on whether you qualify for stamp duty tax relief as a first-time buyer or whether you have to pay the surcharge because you are purchasing your buy-to-let or second home.

Why people are selling their property for cash in 2020

With so many uncontrollable factors to consider when selling your home in 2020, many sellers are now skipping the estate agent to get a fair deal for their house by accepting a cash offer.

According to latest stats on Google UK, there are over 12,100 searches per month from sellers looking for genuine cash house buyers and trending demand for cash sales is only getting bigger.

So aside from Brexit, what other are the other reasons sellers are looking for a cash buyer? Let’s find out.

There’s little demand online

If you’ve already tried selling your house online and you’ve had no buyer has been interested in 2019, it’s unlikely you’ll see a rise in interested buyers, or a quick sale in 2020. Your house could remain on the market for a number of months or years and still not see a sale or interest from online users.

There could be several reasons why these homes have not sold, ranging from unrealistic asking prices, to the condition of property – but needless to say that estate agent has not delivered. This has given sellers increased motivation to sell their house quickly, meaning they’ll instead look for other ways to sell their homes to cash buyers. Also, many of estate agents will over value the price of homes to win instructions – and this does not necessarily mean a quick sale.

Return to our blog to see more advice we share on estate agents and their fees.

The property could be unmortgageable

There are many reasons why you are unable to mortgage a property. These range from a defective lease, missing freeholder, or neighbouring properties, poor condition of the property, property with sitting tenants, properties with squatters, properties of structural issues such as subsidence, dry rot or cracks within the structure of the property, also maybe non-standard construction.

This makes it nearly impossible to sell the property on the open market. Because 99% of the buyers rely on a mortgage to purchase the property, it is difficult to achieve a quick sale. This is why a cash buyer is in a position to move quickly. Sellers of course could move on with their plans. Key qualities include their ability to exchange contracts quickly. This means that the sale of the property can be completed within 14-21 days with no delays.

  • Properties without either a kitchen or a bathroom are unmortgageable. Properties with very dated kitchens or bathrooms that are deemed unusable are also unmortgageable. However, we can still buy these properties. Simply call us today on 0113 320 6700 or fill in our form for a quick call back.
  • Believe it or not but if your property has two kitchens it is unmortgageable! This is because lenders consider that you could sub-let a part of the property having bought it using a Residential Mortgage. If your property has two or more kitchens do not panic! We can still buy your property.
  • Properties that are valued below £50,000 are unmortgageable.
  • Apartments or houses with leases less than 70 years are unmortgageable. This is because the freeholder has the right to take possession of the property after the lease expires. We can buy your house or apartment with a short lease. There are a lot of properties in this situation located in the South East and London. A short lease actually devalues the property over time.
  • In fact, properties with structural issues, especially evident problems such as cracks in the ceiling and walls, are unmortgageable. These properties will need underpinning and remedial works. They will not be mortgageable or insurable for a further five years or perhaps longer depending on the severity of the structural issues. We can buy properties that have structural issues. Fill in your post code to get your free offer.
  • Properties with subsidence are unmortgageable. Subsidence occurs due to shrink or swell in the behaviour of the soil. Subsidence is a severe disease as far as your property is concerned and the bill for repairs can run into tens of thousands of pounds. Common signs and symptoms of subsidence are uneven floors and cracks running through the back of your property. Subsidence and structural issues will remain a stigma attached to your property long after the problems have been fixed. As a seller, you are obliged to disclose to potential buyers whether your property has been affected by subsidence or structural issues at any time in the past.We will buy your house no matter how severe the subsidence issues are. Contact us now to get your free offer.
  • Properties close to mining works, landfill areas or that have a history of flooding are unmortgageable.
  • Properties with sitting tenants or regulated tenancies are unmortgageable. If your property was tenanted before 15th January 1989, you have sitting tenants! We can still buy your property, just call us now on 0113 320 6700.
  • Any property that has a defective lease is unmortgageable. In fact, a prime example of this is a block of flats where it is unclear whether the freeholder or leaseholder maintain and fix a shared roof.
  • Properties with damp, dry or wet rot, wall ties or damaged floor joists are unmortgageable.
  • Properties with boundary disputes are unmortgageable. We will still buy your property, simply fill in the enquiry form.
  • Properties where the building is in severe disrepair or even possibly so dangerous that it needs to be demolished.

They may get let down by aborted sales

It is a fact that one in three sales fall through because of remorse not being available. Just about every estate agent will guarantee that the sale will go through only to call 6 weeks later to say the mortgage lender what land down the funds. And the process of selling your property starts again.

There are a number of hidden costs that can quickly mount up in thousands of pounds. These include mortgage payments whilst your property is up for sale, council tax, insurance, utility bills, repairs and keeping an eye on property if it is empty.

When selling with cash, sellers don’t need to worry about whether or not the sale is going to go through because the recipient is in a position to exchange contracts fast within days. This means that the seller can be certain that once contracts have been exchanged, they can relax knowing fully well that the sale will go ahead.

 Fraudulent online estate agents

There are some estate agents that pretend to be cash house buyers offering sellers up to 87% of value of property. This is simply not possible or realistic. Unfortunately these estate agents are not true cash buyers and they will tell sellers that we have investors who will buy the property of “up to” 87% of value. The seller signs up to a 6 month contract and still has not achieved a sale after 6 months. Be careful as the online world can be confusing and it can be difficult to distinguish genuine cash property buyers from estate agents so always ask them for proof of funds, details of their solicitors and how quickly they are in a position to exchange contracts. If there is any hesitation or talk of a contract to be signed then our suggestion is not to sign up!

How to establish if you are dealing with genuine cash house buyers?

If you are a seller looking to achieve a quick sale of your residential or family property then you really do not need months of delays when it comes to selling your property – and you certainly don’t want to wait until spring or April to have a good chance of selling thanks to tax .

To share our knowledge, we have put together our tips on how to differentiate between an estate agent, a property sourcer or true cash buyer. These 6 questions will help you decide whether or not you are dealing with a genuine cash house buyer or not.

  • Ask them who will buy your property? If it is investors, they are an estate agent or sourcer.
  • What is name of their company? Read their reviews on Trust Pilot and Google Reviews.
  • Who are the solicitors acting for them? Read the solicitors’ reviews and share them with us. Can they complete a purchase in 20 days or quicker? Phone their office and speak to them.
  • How long will it take? It should not more than 3 weeks maximum from start to finish.
  • Do they have proof of funds? This will really wind up anyone who is not a true cash buyer.
  • Can you speak to their previous clients who they have bought properties from?

It often pays to be dealing with a genuine cash house buyer that specialist in buying property quickly with cash, in any condition. Qualities that you should look for include proof of funds, giving you their solicitor’s details, and ability to exchange contract in 10 days or quicker!

If you are looking for real, genuine property experts then share your thoughts with us. Our advisors at Property Saviour can help you. Just call us on 0113 320 6700.

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