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Would you be open to selling your property for around 80% of its market value?  Would you like a payment in advance as well?

Our assisted sale service is the ideal solution if you are finding it difficult to sell your house and need a relatively fast and guaranteed sale.

Our assisted sale service has become very popular with sellers who need to maximise the price they achieve from the sale of their property.

In essence, we can offer you a guaranteed cash price. We will then consider whether to refurbish your property at our own cost OR maximise its value through our aggressive marketing. This will then enable the property to achieve the highest sale price possible as fast as possible on the open market using our tried and tested model.

Our commitment is to you is that we can offer you cash advance via solicitors and then we will pay for all of refurbishment cost for the property. If needed, we can also pay for the mortgage costs, council tax, insurance and utility bills during the time we refurbish and sell the property.

The structure is designed to be clear, hassle-free and straightforward. By using your existing finance in place, we are able to offer you a higher purchase price compared with a true cash offer.

Once mortgage charges have been verified, we can then start to make payments to your mortgage company within 10 days. We also aim to complete the legal paperwork within 3-4 weeks which means that your cash advance can be paid immediately.

We then become liable for your mortgage payments and all associated bills relating to the property until it has been sold. During this time we may refurb the property or maximise its sale value using our tried and tested model. From your point of view, you are paid a higher amount when compared with a true cash offer, and you will receive a fast cash payment and we move on with full possession and sell the property within a few months.

Our reputable builders carry out the work to the highest standard. As a reminder, we can make your mortgage payments on your behalf and cover any property related costs until it has been sold.

How can we pay more?

For us, it is about return on our cash investment. Rather than using our own cash for the full purchase price and offering you a lower amount, we keep your lending facility in place and give you a much higher cash offer. By using less cash and achieving a higher percentage return, we are able to pay you more.

Will you make my lender aware of this?

Of course, your case manager will advise you lender that we will be making payments on your behalf. This agreement from the lender will be in place before we pay you any money. The property is marketed immediately; we are experts at selling a property so that your mortgage is paid in full in a few months.

Will I really receive 80% of the property value?

Our average offer is around 80% of property’s value. This is because we can add additional value to the property through our refurbishment program or applying for planning permission and increasing the value.

What happens if my property doesn’t sell?

So far, we have sold 100% of all our properties – even a few at a loss. Let’s say your property does not sell, we are still contractually obliged to make the mortgage payments and associated bills. In the worst case scenario, if we can’t sell your property then we may sell have to sell it a loss and off-set that against our other profits. We will still pay your agreed purchase price.

Our strategy is clear.  We buy the property at the right price with a view to sell it for a profit. If we don’t sell the property then, we absorb this loss as part of our business model. We cannot ask you for the money back and there are no options for us to attempt to recover the money for any reason.

Can you offer this on any property?

Yes, we can but in our experience, it works better for sellers with a mortgage ranging from 50% to 80% of the value of the property.  We measure our return on cash therefore, the more we outlay the lower the offer.

I have little or no mortgage will Assisted Sale work for me?

Yes, we can. We can offer you an upfront payment with a balance of payment on completion of sale.  For instance, we can offer 20% upfront payment on an agreed sum of £200,000 and this will look as follows:

Upfront payment: £40,000

Balance on completion: £160,000

The Assisted Sale service works for sellers who donot need all the money immediately and allows them to receive more.

Are there any fees or charges?

There are no fees to pay.  We pay for RICS valuations, all legal fees or additional management fees to pay. 

Does my property qualify for assisted sale?

It does depend on the property and whether your circumstances will allow Assisted Sale to work.  It costs nothing to find out more.  The process works as follows:

  • Provide details of your property and your contact details.
  • You will get a quick cash offer within 24 hours.

  • Our property buyer will call you back to make you an assisted sale offer.
  • We’ll instruct, at our own cost, a RICS survey.
  • You’ll get a guaranteed price agreed at up to 80% of the current market value.
  • We’ll make an advanced cash payment to you for up to 20% of the agreed price.
  • We’ll pay your monthly mortgage payments and any bills relating to your property.
  • We’ll carry out a refurbishment on the property at our own cost and risk.
  • On completion you will receive the remaining balance as we have agreed.

If you would like to learn more about our assisted sale process then feel free to give us a call on 0113 320 6700 or complete the quote form.

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