9 tips if you are thinking of selling your home

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January 23, 2016 - Read time: 3 minutes

9 tips if you are thinking of selling your home 1

This selling your home business is not as easy as you first thought is it? So you have had your property on the market for sometime now and had:

  • perhaps a few viewings
  • lots of viewings
  • no firm offers
  • a few daft offers

But the summary is that despite all this is you have still not sold your house.

So what can one do about it?

First thing is DON’T PANIC, it is a fact that not every property sells straight away, even if that is what your estate agent promised you. The truth is there certain homes sell quicker than others. Here is some good news all buyers are DIFFERENT people and what is right for one is wrong for another buyer, and don’t forget that your home is in a direct competition with every other house that is on the market and it has to really STAND OUT to be noticed.

I know what you are thinking; he’s going to tell me to reduce the asking price. With a typical estate agent, that maybe necessary but there are lots of things you can do before grabbing the phone to your estate agent to reduce the price.

Here are our top 9 tips for getting your home sold quickly:

  1. Ask your estate agent why they believe are the reasons behind your property still up for sale; with their honest and constructive feedback. Top tip: It is not the weak market and ask them to try a little harder to find the reasons behind you not selling your house.
  2. Look at your house advert that is online on Rightmove for example:
    • Are the photos as good as they can be?
    • Does the property description excite you?
    • Does the property listing stand out from the competition?

Top tip: Your agent must keep your property pictures updated. You do not want to be showing off your garden full of snow when sun shines it Easter!

  1. Having wide angel photography is useful however; remember that it will look your house shrunk in the eyes of prospective buyers when they visit. Can you remember the size of chocolate bars when we were children compared to nowadays?
  2. Does your property have a Floor Plan? I would strongly suggest you get one because it makes it easier trying to figure out which room goes and matches it up with the description and photographs.
  3. Always keep your home looking good during the sale of your property from well-manicured gardens to front drive that is inviting, with clean windows and no left over maintenance jobs in sight.

Top tip: If a light bulb that needs changing then this can have a negative effect at a viewing because in buyers’ mind if you can’t change your light bulb then what other maintenance jobs are overlooked?

  1. Get rid off all distractions such as children, last night’s dishes and that pile of ironing before your viewings take place.

Top tip: You only have one chance at making a first impression and most first time buyers will have formed a distinct opinion within less than five minutes of stepping through your property’s front door.

  1. Have you been doing your own viewings and you are finding them too stressful or you believe that an independent voice will be much better, then consider asking the estate agent to take over the viewings – if that is a service they can offer you. Most good estate agents will have shown hundreds if not thousands of property to many prospective buyers and they will be able to develop the conversation to suit your buyers’ needs. You just need to insist that whoever is showing your home knows it well enough, so they don not come across like a bad magician that is throwing open a door and announcing that this house has a fantastic en-suite bathroom to only find themselves and the buyer disappointingly looking at the cupboards you can use to store your towels.
  2. After the viewing, you must demand that your estate agent follows up and provides you with the buyers’ honest thoughts particularly why it is not of interest to them. I often find it is really useful to ask those buyers what they thought of the asking price as they will have probably viewed a handful of your competitors and this may highlight a pricing issue early on that can be dealt with now. I knew it! Here comes the bit where he will tell us to drop the price, another typical estate agent! – I can almost hear you say.
  3. Make sure that your estate agent is keeping in regular contact with you and that you updated them with any change to your circumstances or your home itself, such as you have now seen a great house at a bargain price and are now more open to negotiation than before or you have finally re-decorated that back bedroom and replaced the swirly patterned carpet from the 1980’s that still had years of stains in it.

Always remember to work with your estate agent together if you are going to make the house move of your dreams.

Do you feel like your house is stuck on market?  Here are our recommendations….

Has your property been stuck on the market for so long that the original photos of the garden are now back in season.

The definition of struggling to sell is “a property that has been on the open market for a significant amount of time longer than other property in the area”. So if it’s a busy sellers’ market and everything else is selling fast within the first few weeks and you’ve been trying for a few months then you need to act NOW.

Let me ask you to ask yourself a very simple question. Must you move and I mean really need to move on. If the answer is a resounding YES! Great read on, if the answer is no or not really then you must STOP NOW! Why are you putting yourself through this torment just tell your estate agent that you are staying put for now.

So how does one unstick a stuck property?

  1. Critical feedback: Before you can move forward, you need to reflect upon the feedback from your viewers. You need to get your estate agent involved with this process and arrange a face to face meeting, at the house is essential. Is clear a pattern to why people have decided not to make an offer or even view and if so is there anything that one can do about it. Maybe there are maintenance issues or decorating jobs that could be easy to do and not cost very much. Could the garden be improved by a professional landscaper or the front of the house could be made smarter. In summary does your home need a decorative and perhaps you have given up because you did not expect to still be there.
  2. Look at the property’s sales brochure online and discuss with the estate agent how it can be improved upon or at very least changed to give the house a fresh lease of life with new photographs are an absolute must have if you want your home to appear new.
  3. Discuss with your estate agent who should do the viewings, if you have been doing the viewings so far then perhaps the estate agent would be better positioned.

Let’s be honest here, do you believe that:

  • you are a good communicator;
  • do you know when to talk and when to stay silent;
  • do you easy get easily annoyed when a buyer seems to under-whelmed by your unique take on decoration of the house;
  • or do you feel it’s important that a buyer knows the exact power to heat ratio of your highly efficient central heating boiler

A quick tip: most buyers want to know if your boiler produces sufficient heat & plenty of hot water when it is needed.

If the estate agent has been showing prospective buyers around then:

  • are their staff experienced viewers;
  • do they allow sufficient time for each viewing to take place;
  • And how do they deal with questions raised by a prospective buyer.
  • Ask your estate agent to tell you an honest question “what price the property should be marketed at in order to sell it now” and to show you the comparable homes to justify their suggested valuation.

A quick tip: Don’t get annoyed with your estate agent and tell them that they are wrong always remembering that it is you who asked the question because you wanted to know.

  1. Now that you know how your current estate agent is thinking it is worth hearing the opinion of at least one other estate agent who may have some fresh ideas. A change of estate agent at this critical time could be what you and your home desperately needs. Just make sure that whatever the issues your home may have, be it price or condition that these are dealt with before you change estate agents otherwise you will be “jumping from the frying pan into the fire”.

A quick tip: estate agents aren’t miracle workers; the best ones just work a lot harder, smarter and quicker than the rest of them. If you want some advice on how to choose a new agent our article Choosing an estate agent doesn’t need to be scary has some useful tips.

  1. If you have decided to change your estate agents then I would recommend this if you have had to encourage your current estate agent to start caring about your home then why not give the property a rest from the internet for a couple of weeks, that way when it re-appears the impact on the market will be greater. It also helps to give yourself a break so you can feel reenergised and ready for the challenge of getting your home sold.
  2. Once your house is back on the market with a new brochure, new photos, a new viewing approach, a new estate agent and a new determination. Now more than ever you need to drive the selling of your home forward, and make sure that you and your estate agent are highly motivated to succeed.

Once all the conveyancing process has completed and the contracts have been signed a date for moving will be agreed with everyone involved in your chain. This completion date, is a legally binding and can form part of the exchange of contracts however, we recommend that you get your buyers to exchange contracts with you, if you are not in a chain, so that you have certainty that sale will go ahead.

Depending on what has been agreed this completion date can be the same as the exchange of contracts date or can be up to a few weeks apart, however nowadays a gap of one to two weeks is the norm rather than the exception; by having contracts exchanged, it will give you peace of mind that buyer cannot pull out of the proposed purchase at the last minute, ideal if you are not in a chain.

On your moving day you must make sure that you have removed all your items from your home on the day as the formal completion normally takes place around lunchtime once the outstanding monies have been received.  The time of completion can vary from mid-morning to even sometimes late afternoon so make sure that your removal firm is prepared to give you enough time. It is also a good idea if possible to avoid completing on a Friday, so suggestion is to move completion day to a Thursday. Completions at the end of a month are not a good idea, as these dates are always become very popular and removal firms will get very booked up.

As we know this is often a very stressful time for everyone, we offer to buy your house for cash if you have tried all the tips above and still have not managed to sell your property perhaps it is a deceased estate, you are looking to move abroad or relocate to a different part of United Kingdom, whatever your circumstances, should you require a certain sale with speed; we know we will deliver.

We are able to exchange contracts within 10 days or quicker, and agree a completion date that suits with your life plans.

If you want to see how we can help, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just give us a quick call, and we will call you back.

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